What are the 6 things you need to know about facial hair transplant?


    What are the 6 things you need to know about facial hair transplant?

    Do you want to make your masculine look stand out?

    Keeping aside the ‘No shave November’, if you like keeping a beard but don’t have enough facial hair growth, then you have got the option of Cosmetic Surgery in Ludhiana. Keeping a beard takes away the stress of shaving a beard daily. In the past few years, the demand for beards has seen a considerable length that no one expected to witness.

    Although, as mentioned above, if there’s not enough facial hair, you can keep a beard through a hair transplant. The treatment makes an appropriate choice to increase hair growth and help you get a natural look & feel. Hair Transplant in Punjab is gaining rapidly and assisting individuals in changing into something better.

    Facial Hair Transplant Procedure

    A facial hair transplant is performed through the FUT method. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUT hair transplant) contains hair removal in the form of a strip. The transplant helps in giving the right coverage and texture. During treatment, the beard requires small incisions. Once the hair grafts are transplanted, it is placed in the desired incision. The treatment requires the use of local anesthesia.

    Where does the transplanted hair come from?

    The transplanted hair is extracted from your scalp, which means the back of the scalp. The expertise in hair transplant will ensure the best quality hair grafts. By doing so, the transplanted beard grafts will be the same in texture and consistency.

    How long does beard hair transplant take?

    The beard hair transplant takes around 8 hours. Transplanting the hair grafts ensures the graft looks like natural hair when growing. Following the surgery, you must take all the necessary measures to manage the recovery. Within a few months, you will notice the desired hair growth.

    What happens after surgery?

    The transplanted hair follicles fall within 15 to 30 days following surgery. Hair fall is a part of the procedure, and you don’t have to worry about it at any cost. It takes around 90 days to see the hair growth, and the hair follicles will settle in their place. It takes about nine months or so to witness the desired results.

    Are there any side effects of facial hair transplant?

    Being a surgical procedure, it’s common to have some side effects like bleeding and infection, but that’s extremely rare. To limit the chances of problems, you must take the best care of yourself. Results differ for everyone, so it’s better to keep your expectations realistic.

    Are you looking for a treatment that works for your facial goals?

    If you think the procedure is for you and want to know more, schedule your initial consultation at Profile Forte. Feel free to discuss all the doubts or concerns you have on your mind about the facial hair transplant.