Buttocks Shaping With Liposuction “Buttocks Liposuction Surgery”

A poorly shaped butt is associated with various limitations. Apart from being dissatisfied, you will meet several constraints while selecting your outfits. It is also embarrassing to go into a trial room and won’t come out for an evaluation, simply because your butt is the actual problem. In the modern cosmetic world, a buttocks re-shaping surgery is aesthetically performed to give your butt a perfect contour.


    The Surgical Technique of Buttocks Reshaping- What Does It Do?

    Buttocks surgeries vary, each with its own purposes. Some butt enhancement procedures require improvements of the gluteal region, others involve fat transfer, others liposuction, while others are performed with the introduction of implants in the buttocks. Generally, butt reshaping procedures either improve the appearance of the buttock by making it bigger, smaller or making it proportionate.

    So, What Happens in a Buttocks Liposuction Surgery in India?

    A buttocks liposuction surgery is a precise surgical approach where the excess fat from your buttocks is eliminated using a vaser probe plus a cannula. This simple technique is significantly ideal in contouring disproportionate buttocks in a single procedure. The results are completely natural and their longevity is quite superior.

    What is a Buttocks Liposuction Surgery Like?

    A buttocks liposuction surgery in Ludhiana is either performed under general anaesthesia or with local anaesthesia and a sedative to prevent pain. During the process, the surgeon makes a tiny incision in the targeted region; that is in or near the buttock crease. A specialized tool known as the cannula is inserted into the fatty regions after which the surgeon uses a vaser probe to break down and melt the fat. During this step, the surgeon is keen at sculpting the buttocks, according to the patient’s goals and definitely as per the evaluation results. The unwanted fat is then suctioned using a powerful vacuum without damaging the surrounding soft tissue.

    Other Buttocks Liposuction Approaches to Consider

    • Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction (UAL)

    This is an advanced surgical approach in which fluids are injected into the intended regions after which sound waves are utilized to liquefy the fat. This surgical approach is associated with moderate bruising, blood loss and trauma.

    • The Super-wet Technique

    With this approach, a local anaesthetic and adrenaline saline solution is injected into the buttocks, which soften the fat deposits and then suctioned. The utilized fluids basically minimize bleeding during the surgery, post-op pain, and trauma to the surrounding regions.

    • The Tumescent Technique

    This surgical approach is performed with even higher amounts of fluids to reduce associated risks.

    Is a Buttocks Liposuction Surgery Painful?

    The procedure is painless and probably you will be asleep in case general anaesthesia is used. In case local anaesthesia with a sedative agent are used, you may feel the movements and pressure of the vacuum, but more sedation will be used to reduce discomfort or pain.

    What Happens During a consultation regarding a Buttocks Liposuction Surgery?

    The surgeon will professionally evaluate your buttocks to estimate the amount of the unbalanced fat deposits. Normally, photos are taken to plan for your surgery. Buttocks Liposuction Surgery Candidates normally;

    • Have fat deposits that failed to respond to physical exercises or diet
    • Have an elastic and firm skin
    • Are healthy, i.e. without serious medical conditions
    • Nonsmokers
    • Have realistic expectations
    • Desire to sculpt their buttocks for cosmetic reasons

    Bruising & Related Side Effects after a Buttocks Liposuction Procedure

    A buttocks liposuction surgery is quite safe, but associated with normal to undesired side effects. The surgical approach used mainly determines the intensity of the post-operative risks that include bruising, a burning sensation, numbness, swelling, but are temporary.

    Complications may include

    • Infection
    • Blood Clots
    • Dimpling
    • Scarring
    • Damage to the internal organs
    • Skin Discoloration
    • Fluid build-up

    These among others, require urgent medical attention.

    How Much Will a Buttocks Liposuction Surgery Cost Me?

    Fortunately enough, a Buttocks Liposuction Surgery Cost in Punjab is considered more affordable than in other states. Similarly, the surgery cost if more friendly in India when compared to other countries. An average cost for a Buttocks Liposuction Surgery in India is estimated to range from Rs. 68, 000 to Rs. 95, 000.


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