Thigh Lift Surgery in Punjab – Flaunt the Best Thighs while Still Young!

Also referred to as “Thighplasty”, a thigh lift is a plastic surgery conducted by removing excess fat and skin from your thighs in order to reshape them. Nowadays, every female loves to flaunt her thighs while at the beach, vacation, or when it comes to trendy outfits, but exposing flabby or poorly shaped thighs may leave you embarrassed. Unlike in the old days, modern thigh lift surgeries offer an ultimate solution to awkwardly shaped thighs in both men and women.


    An Overview of a Thigh Lift Surgery

    Due to technology advancements, thigh lift surgeries are currently associated with minimal side effects and a short downtime. The procedure basically involves tightening the thighs after withdrawing the excess fat and skin to present a toned appearance. The surgery may involve sculpting both the inner and outer thighs and Liposuction may be required.

    Depending on individual goals, thigh lift surgeries are at times combined with buttock augmentation. A discussion with the surgeon before the surgery is necessary.

    Aged 40, Am I Too Old for a Thigh Lift?

    Age isn’t a fundamental determinant for a thigh lift and in fact, a number of celebrities have undergone thigh lift surgeries alongside other cosmetic procedures at a relatively older age. Ideal candidates for a thigh lift surgery must;

    • Have sagging or loose skin around their thighs
    • A patient must be in a good health condition
    • One must have an ideal body weight
    • You must have excess fat deposits in your thighs
    • A patient must have reduced skin elasticity on her thighs

    Thigh Lift Procedures (What’s Your Option?)

    There are generally two approaches to a thigh lift surgery in India and they include; inner (Medial Thigh Lift) and outer (Lateral Thigh Lift) thigh surgery. The procedures are performed under general anaesthesia and each surgical approach is selected depending on the evaluation results.

    With the inner thigh lift, an incision is created in the inner thigh, particularly in the groin crease. This procedure is recommended for patients with stubborn fat pockets.

    During the outer thigh lift approach, an incision is made extending from the groin and the excess tissue is removed in the outer thigh. The procedure may involve a buttock lift.

    Thigh lift surgeries last for a minimum of 4 hours, but may depend on the surgical approach. These procedures definitely result in scarring, but the locations of the incisions make the scars unnoticeable and usually fade with time.

    All in all, the surgeon is able to eliminate any excess tissue, skin and at last, present perfectly contoured thighs.

    After the Procedure Plus the Recovery Period

    You may experience bruising, pain, swelling, tenderness, and numbness after the procedure, but these will fade in a day. The prescribed medications will help you deal with the pain. Associated risks include excess bleeding, infection, poor wound healing, skin sensitivity or pigmentation. You must report these in case they occur.

    You will have to wear a compression garment after your surgery and it is vital to let go of all activities that may induce pressure on the thighs. Your recovery period may last for 2 weeks, but for others, it may require 4 weeks.

    How Much Will a Thigh lift Cost?

    Thigh lift procedures are generally costly worldwide, but a thigh lift surgery cost in Ludhiana is much more affordable and cost-effective. At our cosmetic centre, you are provided with an overview of the thigh lift surgery cost, but the total cost will depend on the thigh lift approach utilized.

    Choosing Your Thigh Lift Surgeon

    It’s essential to find an excellent thigh lift surgeon to discuss your aesthetic concerns. It may seem embarrassing, but experienced thigh lift surgeons totally understand patients’ agony. You must open up for the surgeon to understand your goals for satisfying results. Meet the best thigh lift surgeon in India, here at our centre for a consultation.


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