Auto Cloning

Donor area is marked, a vertical line is drawn in front of the ear, behind this vertical line, in the parietal and occipital area, 2cm of healthy hair are left in the upper and the lower margins. The area within the above mentioned margins is considered the Donor area for Auto Cloning.

Special surgical Forceps are used for plucking the hair. An average 30 hair are firmly held in the forcep close to the scalp and these firmly held hair are plucked out with gentle wrist jerk. Most of the hair come out with this technique have intact inner and outer root sheaths. The pulled hair are delicate and are placed in chilled saline and treated with A cell growth factor for better survival.


    Alternative Techniques of Performing Auto Cloning Platelet Enriched Plasma

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    Stem Cells

    Approximately 10 CC of fat is taken from the abdomen by liposuction. The fat is centrifuged, then treated with collagenase and incubated. The process allows separation of stem cells, each CC of fat provide an average 500,000 to one million stem cell. The plucked hairs are treated with these stem cells. Stem cell treatment of plucked hair is under study at the moment.

    Advantages of Auto Cloning Hair Transplant in India

      1. 1-The hair which are plucked with this technique grows back in the donor area. In Long Hair Technique and FUE Techniques, it’s the redistribution of hair and total number of hair after transplant stays the same. In Auto Cloning the total number of hair increase after the transplant as the plucked hair 100% grows back in the Donor area and 50-70% of plucked hair grows in the transplanted area.
      1. 2-Clients with limited donor hair can benefit from this technique.
      1. 3-Donor area scars of the previous hair transplant can be treated with this technique.
      1. 4-If the person does not want to use FDA approved medication to help reduce or stop the hair loss, Auto Cloning Hair Transplant in Punjab, Ludhiana can be repeated without depleting the donor area.
      1. 5-There is no temporary numbness of donor area.

    Disadvantage of auto cloning

      1. 1-Good density in one surgery could not be attained with Auto Cloning, as the survival of the plucked transplanted hair is 50-70%.
      1. 2-Auto Cloning works on 80% of the clients. The plucked hair in the remaining 20% of the clients come out without outer root sheath, if planted they do not survive.

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