Bio Fue Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab

Bio Fue Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab, Follicular Unit Extraction method is helping hair loss patients to get more attractive and younger look. Advancements in the technology have done many additions in the FUE procedure for obtained the refined results. Bio FUE is also one such advancement in the regular procedure which has improved the results of hair transplant


    What is Bio- FUE?

    This is the improved form of the earlier FUE procedure. It is based on the concept of the germinative cells that has ability to regenerate the various important structures and even used to cure various medical conditions like spinal code injury and polio.

    In this surgery live cells are injected along with the normal FUE process to improve the outcomes of normal follicular unit extraction surgery.

    What is Bio-FUE process?

    In BIO FUE hair transplant live cells are taken from the patients’s body before the surgery. Patient’s blood is taken in the certain amount and then centrifuges under the specific conditions of speed, time and temperature. Then the cells are separated from the blood enriched with the growth factors.

    Same as the FUE procedure hair follicles are extracted and transplanted in the scalp as per requirements but along with the transplantation, live cells are injected in the scalp to boost the performance of surgery.

    These cells make the healing process faster and stimulate the hair growth so after the Bio FUE surgery patient can have improved results than the regular Follicula unit extraction process.

    Advantages of Bio-FUE

    This advanced procedure has various benefits for the patients as follows

    • It stimulate the hair growth
    • It help the patient to get improved hair texture
    • In this surgery, injected cells lead to expedited healing process for both donor and recipient areas
    • It also stimulate the stem cells of the implanted hair during surgery

    Why Choose Bio-FUE Transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab?

    Bio-FUE is the specialised and advanced therapy which is offered only by the handful clinics. We are pioneer in the field for offering this procedure. Following things differentiate us from others

    • We put special attention and care for storage of sample at the prescribed temperatures so that properties can be retained
    • We use the refrigerated centrifuge which is available only in the research labs
    •  We provide the extra care while collecting the samples that these will not get mixed, contaminated or disturbed so that most yields can be obtained.

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