Beard & Mustache Hair Transplant in Ludhiana Punjab

Beard and Mustache Hair Transplant

Beard Transplant

Beard & Mustache hair transplant in Ludhiana Punjab, It is common enough to see hair loss in the scalp area. But nowadays men’s beard is also showing signs of baldness. While many men sport the clean shaven look, many prefer to sport a beard. But it has become quite difficult to keep the beard as many people are affected by hair thinning and loss in this area. If you are suffering from alopecia, or are facing hair loss due to male pattern baldness, then this is the perfect procedure for you.Most commonly beard hairs loss occurs at age of 40. If you don’t take timely action, the hair growth will diminish with time and result in less than 2000 strands on your head. With that figure, it won’t be possible to give your beard a new lease of life. Once you have it done, you will be assured of permanent hair on your beard which will be just like your natural hair.. Hair transplantis a process in which hair grows on your face with FUE technique at the area of your beard and mustache grown by the procedure of transplant.There are many reasons behind facial hair loss. How much hair grafts are required depend on the area. As a rough idea it is needed 300 to 450 hair grafts for mustache and 650 to 800 for the full goatee, 250- 300 for sideburn, 400- 750 grafts for cheeks. But basically, it’s dependent upon the person .


Reasons of beard and mustache hair loss

So many reasons loss of hairs some diseases may attack to hair follicles eg. arthritis, rheumatoid, alopecia areta some other scalp infection and hormonal changes may be a reason of hair loss.


    Main reasons of hair loss

      1. 1. Genetic
        2. Hormonal Changes
        3. Medical Problems
        4. Medication

    Mustache Transplant

    Heredity, injury or burns could be the reason behind the hair loss from the mustache. The trend of keeping mustaches is returning, but with the problems of hair thinning and balding in that area, it has become difficult to sport a rich one. This problem can be countered with a hair transplant. Mustache transplant poses a greater challenge as it needs meticulous planning and a keen understanding of the natural pattern of the mustache. Mostly FUE technique is followed in such cases. It definitely needs an experienced surgeon. The grafts are extracted from the donor site for initiating the process of mustache transplant. These grafts are implanted in the bald portions of the mustache. Due to the small area of implantation and availability of many grafts in the donor area, the transplant can be finished in a single sitting. One can treat, cut and shave the hair naturally once the growth is in full bloom.Cost Of Hair Transplant In Punjab will vary according to the number of strands transplanted. That, of course, will depend on the amount of hair loss you have in your mustache.

    Why choosing Profile Centre is the best you can do

    A transplant surgery requires experience, finesse and complete mastery of the skill. Any lapse in these three critical areas will lead to disastrous results and the loss of valuable time, resources and money. One needs to be careful in choosing the clinic as well. The clinic must have the latest and the best possible infrastructure so that any emergency needs can be tackled with ease. Profile is the clinic with all these qualities. With Profile, you need not worry about the experience of doctors and the infrastructure of the clinic. You can confirm that we provide the best services by communicating with the ex-patients who have left the hospital highly satisfied with the results. So take the life-changing decision right now.

    Beard transplant and its methodology

    Usually, a beard transplant is completed within a time span of eight hours. It is usually carried out under local anesthesia. FUE gives good results as the scars it leaves behind are not detectable by the naked eye. The surgeon makes an incision in the beard area which plays an important role in determining the density, direction and the angle of the new hair. The transplanted hair will usually fall after two to three weeks. This is followed by a phase of regrowth. The men with patches can expect their beard to be covered up.

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