Breast Reduction in India: Reshaping Breasts Surgically

Although breasts are generally a source of pride in women, there are cases where one’s breasts literally become a source of self-pity, disgrace, and stress. These are cases where a woman has large breasts that are at times linked to neck pain, back pain, and depression. Disproportionately large breasts can only be corrected surgically, a procedure known as “Breast Reduction”.


    Thinking of a Breast Reduction Surgery?

    It generally requires a consultation in which your eligibility is ascertained. With this, your medical history, health status, and your family’s medical history must be disclosed. The surgeon must be informed in case a lump was previously removed from your breasts or any of them.

    You will be asked to discontinue various medications such as aspirin, Aleve, and Motrin and in case you smoke, you will have to stop for at least a month before the surgery.

    In case you are a candidate, the surgeon will take several pictures (photos) of your breasts to evaluate their size and ascertain the amount of breast tissue to eliminate during the surgery. A breast exam plus a mammogram may be conducted before the surgery.

    How a Breast Reduction Procedure is conducted!

    Just like other surgical procedures, a Breast Reduction Surgery in Ludhiana is a personalized treatment, meaning that it is performed according to a patient’s goals. It is an outpatient procedure, but it may require a hospital stay depending on one’s surgical approach.

    Before the surgeon begins the procedure, he will administer general anesthesia and then create an incision from the nipple downward the breast. The next step involves removing the excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts after which the surgeon will reposition the nipple (s).

    The last step involves inserting drainage tubes to collect the fluid after which the surgeon will stitch the wound. Your breasts will then be wrapped in gauze and transferred to the recovery ward.

    The surgery may last for 5 hours or more.

    The Recovery Phase

    A breast reduction is a complex surgery, meaning that you will automatically have to take a leave from work. A surgical bra is necessary to reduce pain and tension on the scars.

    Depending on your surgical instructions, you will have to return to the surgeon to remove the bandages and stitches. Breast pain, a leakage, emotional reactions; such as depression are normal, but in case they escalate, it is vital to see your doctor.

    The recovery length differs as some patients may require 3 weeks

    What are the Possible Breast Reduction Surgery Complications & Side Effects?

    Breast reduction surgeries are associated with scarring and bleeding, which are normal side effects. The scars generally fade with time. Complications may include poor healing near the nipple region and you must report this to your surgeon for better treatment approaches.

    Other risks include infection, fever, unusual swelling, and discharge (pus). Your stitches may also become loose. All these conditions require urgent medical attention.

    What’s the Right Way to Prepare for a Breast reduction Surgery?

    Your pre-surgical instructions will generally depend on your procedure. However, you must be healthy and in a good physical shape for a manageable post-op phase. You will also require the following;

    • A surgical bra
    • Ice
    • Ointments or Creams
    • Loose tops (clothes)
    • Gauze
    • Caretaker

    The Average Breast Reduction Surgery Cost

    Breast reduction surgeries are covered by insurance, but in case not, you will have to save a minimum of Rs. 420, 000 for the procedure. In other cases, a breast reduction surgery cost in Punjab will require only Rs. 300, 000, but other determinants like the surgeon’s fee, anaesthesia, and medications may require their own bill.


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