Laser Hair Transplant

Laser Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab offers rapid development of denser hair simply after the treatment. The treated hairs re-grow within 12 weeks. We with extensive experience of cosmetic surgeries have dealt with thousands of patients and following the clinical researches are offering the wide range of treatments on baldness.

The laser hair treatment has been followed after numerous experiments by choosing and combining the highly effective treatment modalities to describe the surgical effect. The eventual aim is to provide the highly considerable hair re-growth and improvement in the look and personal experience of our customers.

Benefits of Laser Hair Treatment in India

  • The rapid increase in hair density just after single treatment
  • Considerable hair growth only within 12 weeks of treatment
  • Immediate prevention of hair loss as the hair follicles are preserved that decrease the hair fall level
  • Suitable treatment for both male and female baldness problems
  • Customizable hair loss cure
  • Excellent quality and highly effective constituents chosen
  • Time and money savvy treatment as the laser treatment system uses 156 simultaneous cold laser light diodes that save money and time considerably
  • Fully natural and safe treatment provided by specifically natural ingredients
  • Unlike those treatments that are designed for men and used on women also due to which women suffer from serious nausea and other unwanted side effects, laser treatment is safe for use on females and it doesn’t leave any negative side effects.
  • Hardly 1-2 treatments per week are needed for initial growth phase under laser therapy
  • Long lasting and reliable results are offered through single treatment per month that helps in increasing hair density by controlling the hair loss.


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