Fat Freezing or CoolSculpting (Cryo Lipolysis) in India

Cryo Lipolysis is also known by a number of names such as ‘Fat Freezing’ and ‘CoolSculpting’. It is an advanced technique of body sculpting that involves no stitches, incisions, or even wounds. For individuals conscious of the appearance this fat freezing technique is certainly the best approach of eliminating excess fat from the targeted regions without damaging the surrounding tissue.


    What Cryo Lipolysis or Fat Freezing?

    It is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that eliminates fat cells by mere freezing them. The human body has an adipose tissue (fat), whose main aim is to store energy and it also helps in insulating the body. This fat is cooled during the cryo lipolysis process and as a result, the targeted areas are properly sculpted.

    How Does Cryo Lipolysis Work in Patients?

    In a Cryo Lipolysis procedure in Ludhiana, Punjab, that lasts for an hour, a vacuum applicator is applied to the targeted area (skin) in order to connect it to the cooling panels. Normally, patients feel a cold sensation and pressure, but while the fat is slowly destroyed, an individual is able to read a book, sleep, listen to music, or work on his or her computer.

    The apoptosis is completely a natural process in which the inflammatory body cells gradually digest the fatty cells. This takes place after the Cryo Lipolysis procedure and there will be a reduction in the fat layers of the body. With time, the fat cell lipids are gradually released Cryolipolysis and are transferred to the lymphatic system of the body. The lipids of the fat cells will then be eliminated from the body, resulting in an aesthetically sculpted body.

    Before the Cryo lipolysis process, patients are normally requested to carry out any exercises or activities that will stimulate the lymphatic system.

    Facts About Cryo lipolysis You Must Know

    • It is an expensive procedure and will require more sessions depending on the layers or the amount of fat to be treated.
    • Cryolipolysis is an alternative to Liposuction
    • It is not a weight loss technique
    • A patient will experience minor discomfort during the procedure in addition to pressure and chilling cold at the beginning of the procedure.
    • The fat cells are crystallized during Cryolipolysis

    Cryo lipolysis Candidates

    A cryo lipolysis surgery in India is almost open to every individual, but it will require a patient to have a smaller amount of stubborn fat.

    Patients suffering from Cryoglobulinemia or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria aren’t considered ideal candidates for cryo lipolysis.

    Commonly Treated Areas With Cryolipolysis

    • Flabby Knees
    • Flanks
    • Lower Abdomen
    • Love Handles
    • Bra Bulges
    • Saddle Bags
    • Back Fat
    • Male Breasts

    How Can I Prepare for my Cryo lipolysis Procedure?

    A consultation is necessary before your cryo lipolysis procedure to provide personalized guidelines depending on the intended body regions

    You may be required to carry out some simple activities to make the process simpler

    What Happens After the Cryo lipolysis Procedure?

    Cryo lipolysis is a form of therapy and ideally requires no downtime. You will be able to resume your duties the same day and there are no side effects to worry about.

    However, your treatment sessions are scheduled depending on the thickness and the amount of fat to be eliminated from the body.

    When Will See My Cryo lipolysis Results & For How Long Will They Last?

    Some patients are able to see changes (results) after 3 or 4 weeks, whereas it might take 10 weeks for others to see their results. It all depends on the amount of the resistant fat.

    On the other hand, your results will last for several years as long as you follow a recommended diet and conduct a few physical exercises as instructed.

    What’s the Cryo Lipolysis Cost?

    The average cost is Rs. 25, 000, but it generally differs from one clinic to another and the number of treatment sessions required. The treatment requires no anaesthesia, stitches, or bandages.


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