Nose correction Surgery

We offer the optimized results of Nose correction surgery in Ludhiana by doing the effective nose job for changing the shape and function improvement of your nose. This nose correction surgery is also called Rhinoplasty and is basically done for the medical reasons like for the correction of breathing issues of your nose, correction of disfigurement of the nose which happened due to trauma, injury or any birth defect. Some patients choose this surgery for cosmetic purposes means they want to change the shape and appearance of their nose so that it could look ideal for the shape and appearance of their face.


    Preparations before nose correction surgery

    If you have decided to take Rhinoplasty surgery in India then there are some important preparations to do before the surgery.

    Initially, you must fix your appointment with our senior surgeon Dr. Vikas Gupta so that you could discuss your goals, issues related to your nose and what changes or corrections you want to have after the surgery.

    A healthy discussion about your issues and expectations before the surgery is very important as otherwise, the surgeon cannot prepare the customized plan for your surgery so that you could have the perfect nose as per your realistic desires after the surgery.

    This surgery can enhance your facial features by making corrections in your nose so your surgeon can suggest you the ideal changes that could enhance your natural beauty and overall appearance.

    During the first meeting, the cosmetic surgeon will examine the structures of your nose and other facial features and appearance so that he could decide that whether your goals are approachable or not. He could examine the realistic expectations of you and can suggest you the ideal corrections of your nose that are achievable surgically and are best for your overall facial enhancement.

    Even in the first meeting, you could ask for the average rhinoplasty cost in Punjab so that you could plan your budget accordingly, however, the actual cost can be decided after the surgery depending o the extent of correction and time taken during the surgery.

    Nose correction surgery procedure

    This surgical procedure is minimally invasive and done as the outpatient procedure so that on the same day of a surgery patient can get back to his home after few hours of the completion of surgery.

    This surgery is done under the local anesthesia so that your nose could get numbed and you could not feel any pain or discomfort. During the surgical procedure, incisions are made within your nostrils and even sometimes across the base of your nose.

    Then through these cuts surgeon reshapes the inner bone and cartilage of nose so that you could have desired shape and appearance of your nose that could enhance your overall facial appearance naturally.

    Recovery after nose correction surgery

    As discussed above after few hours of the surgery patient can get back to his home but he is asked to wear a nasal splint for at least initial week after the operation.

    There can be swelling, mild bruising around the eyes and even mild pain but all these surgical effects get healed after a few days.

    Your nose could have mild swelling which is not much noticeable by the third person but it lasts till six months so you can have the final results of this surgery after six months. For these six months of recovery period, doctors give special instructions to follow for preventive and faster recovery .

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