Brachioplasty or An Arm Lift Surgery in India

Brachioplasty or arm lift is a contouring surgical procedure that addresses several issues with the patient’s arms. Worldwide, the demand or necessity for arm lift procedures continues to escalate in adults generally due to ageing effects. To undergo the surgery, a patient requires a consultation at a cosmetic centre where his or her candidacy is ascertained.


    What does an Arm Lift Surgery Mean?

    Like many other plastic surgeries, an arm lift surgery involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the arm. The surgery is conducted on the upper arms to tighten the supportive tissue of the arms for a firm appearance.

    The surgery addresses various arm issues that include;

    • Localized fat
    • Sagging or loose arms
    • Dimpled arms
    • Droopy arms

    Qualifications for an Arm Lift Surgery (Candidates)

    In general, candidates who aren’t satisfied with the contours of their arms can opt for Brachioplasty, but the following will make you an ideal candidate;

    • Good Health (with no serious medical conditions)
    • You must have significant upper arm skin laxity
    • You must have a stable weight
    • You must be a non-smoker
    • You must have realistic expectations

    Contemplating on Undergoing Arm Lift? What’s the Cost?

    Due to the fact that there are advanced technologies and techniques for arm lift procedures, you may have to understand your surgical approach before the surgery is conducted. With that, an average arm lift Surgery Cost in Punjab may require a total of 50, 000 (INR), but the cost may escalate to 95, 000 as per the centre, medications, and the surgeon’s experience.

    Arm Lift Surgery Consultation

    During your consultation, the surgeon will evaluate your arms to determine the amount of fat and skin present. It is necessary that you ask the surgeon any question pertaining your surgery. You must reveal to the surgeon any type of medication or supplements you are taking.

    Try to disclose your surgery goals during the evaluation for the surgeon to plan your procedure accordingly. Photos of your arms will be taken and the surgeon will discuss your surgical options plus the outcomes.

    You will be requested to stop smoking and taking any risky medications such as aspirin, herbal supplements and any anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Steps Involved in a Brachioplasty

    Step 1

    Either general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with intravenous sedation will be administered.

    Step 2

    Incisions will then be made depending on the surgeon’s preference and your aesthetic goals. The types of incisions include;

    • Minimal incision
    • Inner arm incision
    • Back incision

    During this step, the incision may extend from the underarm (axilla) to the elbow. The excess fat is then directly removed or suctioned using liposuction. The supportive tissue is reshaped and tightened alongside other internal structures. Lastly, the excess skin will be eliminated and the rest shaped to produce a perfect arm contour.

    Step 3

    With the help of absorbable sutures or stitches your incisions will be closed and once you wake up, you will be able to witness the new shape. Perfect results are seen after the recovery phase.

    How Will My Arm Lift Recovery Phase Be like?

    Your arms will be covered in bandages. Swelling, bruising, and minor pain are some of the normal side effects after patients experience after an arm lift in Ludhiana. A compression garment or an elastic bandage is recommended to reduce these side effects.

    You will have to report back to the centre to remove the previously inserted drains. Follow the surgeon’s instructions to eliminate any possible complication.

    Results after an Arm Lift

    • Arm lift results are long-lasting, but you are required to;
    • Maintain a stable weight
    • Become physically fit
    • Maintain an ideal dietary approach

    An arm lift surgery doesn’t promise permanent results since ageing is a natural process. However, for quality and long-lasting results, pay attention to the surgeon’s experience before the procedure. The procedure is associated with a number of complications, similar to those of other cosmetic (plastic) surgeries.


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