Hair Restoration in Ludhiana, Punjab

Hair Restoration in Ludhiana, Punjab Hair loss is locally and globally faced by most men and some women. These days the age doesn’t matter for men to have bald. You no longer need to expect it in old age for women because hair loss can strike you from any age. Sometimes it’s due to natural causes and other times genetics apply, the conditions and what we engage in also play a big role.

But what happens when all these factors are right in our faces? We don’t have to rest. Scientists and also the public is trying to deal with this problem. Depending on the cause of hair loss and the steps used to eradicate it we advance to use other better techniques

FUT and FUE mostly have helped many to deal with this fight once other simpler or cheap methods fail. The use of these surgeries has even pushed the experts to improve them in order to have the best results. Here are methods to use for hair restoration.


    FUE hair transplant

    Follicular Unit Extraction is a method where follicles or grafts are extracted from the donor side to the bald area. This process is done using a sharp-like instrument after injecting a patient with anesthesia. A right amount of grafts has to be calculated and extracted before starting the procedure to prevent poor results and lack of grafts. This has to be done in line with the size of the bare head.

    FUT hair transplant

    Follicular Unit Transplant is a procedure that existed before FUE and there is no big difference between the two except the way grafts are extracted or got. In this procedure, a strip that contains hair follicles is extracted from the back side of the head and grafts are removed and then planted in the affected area.

    Non-Surgical Procedures

    In non-surgical procedures, a doctor can inject platelets into your head for the follicles to become stimulated and grow after a given period of time. This procedure can be given with a number of other kinds of therapy

    Hair restoration/ revision

    This is done after a given period of time. It can be due to the poor results in the first surgery or after 12 years when you feel you need to re do the surgery. FUE hair transplant is the mostly used technique since it leaves no scars on the scalp. A hair revision is done after a super examination by the surgeon in order to eliminate mistakes.

    Other methods

    • These are regarded as the first solutions taken for hair loss or fall. You will have to try out better eating habits full of proteins and calcium.
    • You will have to stop smoking and drinking alcohol to help see if there any changes in your hair.
    • Reducing styling and heat applied are also considered
    • Consulting a doctor for tests and guidance is also commonly done to try to stop hair fall and loss.

    Hair restoration techniques in Ludhiana, Punjab have lastly solved people’s hair problems and with the help of experts’ advice and guidance you will be able to conquer this problem.

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