Body Hair Transplant in Ludhiana Punjab

Body Hair Transplant in India

Body hair transplant in Ludhiana Punjab, Body Hair Transplant Advantages and disadvantages

Scalp hairs are normally utilized for transplantation purpose. But in case the scalp hairs are not sufficient to obtain the required results, then body hair transplantation is followed by choosing the hairs that have similar structure and quality as that of scalp hairs. The hairs can be extracted from the legs, arms, abdomen area, chest, back, armpits and also from the face. In a few cases, bears hairs can also be taken for the specific conditions. In few patients, body hairs become the source of many thousand grafts. The large donor area can be utilized to obtain higher hair density, enriching the bald areas or doing the suitable corrections to provide the suitable results to the patients who have rare hairs in their scalp.

FUE technique is majorly followed for the extraction of body hairs for Body Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab¬†that doesn’t cause leaving any scars. The body hair grafts are then implanted in the same way is done with the scalp hair grafts. In addition of no scaring factor involved, it is essential to consider the advantages and disadvantage of body hair transplantation before choosing the surgical procedure:



    Benefits of hair transplantation

    • With baldness ruining your personality, hair transplantation is a suitably fit and beneficial. Choosing hair from the unwanted place, you can get them implanted them where they are rare.
    • In addition of medically maneuvered process, you don’t need to undergo any other kind of treatment for hair growth. The implanted hairs grow like natural hairs.
    • Because you are a donor for you own is a unique advantage.
    • Going not through several transplants, the process is extremely simple and offers desired outcomes that can be received in one step.
    • Generally, the small fee is taken or consultation is provided free of cost, so keep it in mind, it offers the everlasting effect of becoming the cost-effective.
    • Instead of choosing the artificial mechanisms for hairs, transplantation is pretty friendly and offered at the reasonable cost.
    • Hairs transplanted are uniform, the process includes minor pains or almost pain free so you don’t need to undergo full anesthesia.


    The total body hair transplant cost is estimated by the count of grafts needed depending on the extent of baldness area. It is quite easy to calculate cost using a simple formula:

    Total cost of hair transplantation = count of grafts x cost per graft.

    So the cost for BHT may vary according to extent of problem and requirement of the patient.


    Body Hair Transplant is the technique useful for the patients that have insufficient or limited donor area. In such cases, bald areas are covered with the body Hair Transplant procedure. So it is the best alternative for the people that have weak donor area or fewer donor follicles.

    For this procedure donor area is selected carefully from the body parts that have enough availability of DHT resistant hair follicles needed to cover baldness. Hair follicles can be extracted from arms, legs, thighs, abdomen, chest, and beard and even from pubic but the hair follicles taken from donor site must have closet match with the scalp hair so that undetectable result can be delivered after BHT surgery.


    • Dr. Vikas Gupta is specialized and experienced in performing least invasive BHT surgeries.
    • Latest techniques used for surgery to give most feasible results
    • Best results with minimal scars
    • Round a clock care system
    • Sterilized equipments
    • Well trained OT technicians to support the team of BHT expert surgeons


    1. In case hairs are taken in the vast amount, the follicles become vulnerable.

    2. Dense packing is more expensive and takes time around more than single session.

    3. Thick packing causes scarring and wounds

    4. Because of wounds and consumption of specific medicines, implanted hairs do not survive longer as expected.

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