Lip Correction Surgery: Lip Augmentation & Lip Reduction in Ludhiana, Punjab

Lip Enhancement Surgery: Lip Injections and Augmentation

Lip Correction Surgery: Lip Augmentation & Lip Reduction in Ludhiana, Punjab, Many people think that full & plump lips are a sign of good health, youth, and beauty. Whether you are born with thin lips or lips are thinning due to aging, you can enhance them or restore the soft tissue loss. Lip Augmentation in Punjab is considered the ideal choice to keep the lips plump for months. On the other hand, if you are not happy with your big lips, then you can take benefit through lip reduction surgery in Ludhiana.

Lip Enhancement Surgery Lip Injections and Augmentation

What are the reasons to choose lip enhancement?

  • Lips are so thin that they disappear when you smile
  • Fuller lips will help to balance your face
  • Boost self-confidence and improve the appearance
  • With age, the lips have become thin & less full.
  • It triggers a self-conscious feeling the way it looks.

What are its key benefits?

  • Some lip injections are temporary and change them as per your need
  • Surgical enhancements and implants offer a lifetime solution
  • The patient can recover in just one day with lip injections
  • The patient can recover in 7 days with lip surgery

How lip enhancement procedure is done?

Different methods are there for lip enhancement and the surgeon will offer you the right choice depending on your needs. Ideally, getting 2 of these methods will provide you suitable results.

Injections – Fat transfer: Fat from the other body part is taken through liposuction and injected into the lips. The injections are given till the time you have not got the desired results.
Injections – Fillers: Fillers made of synthetic or natural biocompatible material are injected to make the lips fuller. One procedure is enough to give you the desired results. Although, sometimes the results are not permanent and you need to get the injection again.
Surgery – Dermal graft: Under this method, the lips are augmented through the surgical method and an incision is placed inside the mouth.
Surgery – Vermillion advancement: The incision is made to the border of the colored part of the lips and the colored part is pulled to enhance the lips.
Surgery – Lip implant: Lip implants are inserted into the area with tiny incisions and these are made in the mouth corner. The patients can choose from synthetic or natural implants. For better results and understanding, talk to the doctor about what you should choose.

lip enhancement procedure

How to choose the best cosmetic surgeon?

While you are looking for the surgeon you need to consider the following points:

  • Check his education, training, and certification
  • Check his experience and skills with lip enhancement
  • Your comfort level with him or her

It would be better that you schedule the consultation with the cosmetic surgeon and understand the procedure in detail. You should discuss anything and everything with the cosmetic surgeon. Also, tell about the current medication you are taking or any health issue you have. This way it helps to determine a better and improved treatment plan which improves your condition.