Guide: Things To Do & Not Do Before Your Hair Transplant


    Guide: Things To Do & Not Do Before Your Hair Transplant

    People remain very anxious before going for their hair transplant procedure, and the reason behind it is they are unaware of what they should keep in their minds before and after the process.

    If you are planning your Hair Transplant in Ludhiana in the coming 8-10 days, this post is crucial for you. Here we are going to talk about the things that you should do and not do before/after the hair transplant procedure.

    Make sure to follow the post precisely for better results.

    Things not to do before your Hair Transplant Procedure:

    1- No Exercise:

     Whenever you have scheduled your Hair Transplant Procedure, make sure you stop exercising at least 2-3 days before. This will offer rest to your blood veins.

    Whenever you go for a hair transplant, your blood pressure plays a crucial role, and by giving rest to your body, you will be able to maintain normal blood pressure.

    2- Stop Drinking Alcohol:

     If you are used to any type of drug, such as alcohol or cigarettes, make sure to get rid of it at least a week before you go for your hair transplant procedure. This way, you would get enough time to get rid of the toxins in your body.

    3- Stop Taking A Few Medicines: 

    Patients taking any blood thinning should stop taking those medicines a few days before the procedure.

    If your condition is severe and you can’t stop taking those medicines, tell your surgeon about it.

    • Things to do after your Hair Transplant Procedure:

    1- Get A Clean Pillow: 

    Once your hair transplant is done, you should get a separate pillow and a pillow cover because, after your procedure, your pillow would have to face a bit of blood flow.

    Although your head would be covered with tapes, blood flow can occur.

    2- Neck Cushion: 

    With the help of a neck cushion, you can raise your head while sleeping. This way, excess blood around your head will flow back to your other body parts.

    3- Loose Hat: 

    After your hair transplant procedure, make sure to get yourself a loose hat, with the help of which you can keep your hair away from sunlight and dust particles for a few days.

    In this way, the chances of getting allergies around the hair transplant area decrease.


    A Hair Transplant is a very delicate procedure; surgeons take care of everything from their end. But as a patient, we also have a few responsibilities, and we hope that with this blog, you have a good idea about things to do and not do before the procedure.

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