Bald Scalp Regions

Bald Scalp Regions
Bald scalp area can be categorized as:

1. Frontal

2.Mid Scalp


1.Frontal Region

It is spread between front hairline to the vertical line made in front of the ears.

2. Mid Scalp Region

This region spreads between the vertical line created in front of the ears, to the vertical line created behind the ears. Laterally mid-scalp goes to the external canthal plane that is somehow flat.

3 Crown

This place begins from simply behind the mid-scalp, the posterior border is the upper part of the occipital hair.
When hair loss occurs to the severe level, it results into creating bald patches, thinning hair line and in few cases almost baldness. Severe hair loss can be distressing that makes you feel embarrassing. It highly affects your appearance, youth and life. Work stress, poor eating habits, extensive hair styles, use of gels and hair colors, hormonal imbalance and inadequate care cause baldness.


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