List of Hair Transplant Surgical Instruments

Cole Instrument

Cole Instrument:The finest and costliest of all hair transplant surgical instruments, ad they give the best quality of harvested grafts.

Harris Instruments

Harris Instruments: The pioneers in FUE hair transplant. For neophytes in FUE semi-sharp punches are requires and Harris instruments are ideal for this. This can also be used for DHT (Direct Hair Transplant) as the equipment is highly advanced.

Ellis Instruments

Ellis Instruments:Another fine equipment used for extracting grafts, as the forester forceps high grip has a firm grip hence, grafts are not damaged


Implanters: To get the preferred curl, depth and angle from the root these implanters are great. Even the density can be set while transplanting the hair.

Carl Zeiss Loupes

Carl Zeiss Loupes : The process of restoring hair can be long hence, doctors are prone to fatigue. But, these loupes contain the highest quality of ergometery that enables doctors to work without any fatigue for a long duration.


Optivisors:These loupes are specially crafted for achieving a magnified vision. This provides unmatched quality vision providing the required magnification

Focused LED Light

Focused LED Light: In order to attain a cool, focused and soothing atmosphere in the operation theater, these LED lights are used so there is no way the grafts can desiccate.


Stereomicroscopes: In order to get a magnified dissection of the roots by 6-10 x Stereo microscopes are used as they provide the accurate curvature so technicians can work comfortably even in long hours.

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