Dr Vikas Gupta: Best Plastic Surgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab

Dr Vikas Gupta: Best Plastic Surgeon in Ludhiana, Punjab, Meet the pioneer of the Profile Hair Transplant Centre Located in Ludhiana. He has the illustrious credentials of being one of the Leading Cosmetic and Hair Transplant Surgeons in India. He has more than 2,500 hair transplant surgeries under his belt. He figures as one of the most well-known plastic surgeons in India.

He belongs to a family of medical stalwarts with his father being a senior physician and his brother a specialist. His better half, Dr. Kamini Gupta is a well-known Radiologist working with DMCH Ludhiana, a hospital well known for its premium services.

Educational Credentials

Dr. Gupta holds M.Ch in cosmetic surgery. He specializes in the Microvascular and Cosmetic Surgery for which he trained at the Christian Medical faculty and Hospital Ludhiana. The Hospital is yet another medical institute trusted and visited by many patients of Ludhiana and adjoining places.

Training and Specialization

The specialization process involved his training under the legendary cosmetic surgeons Dr. Abrahm.G.Thomas and Dr. Vijay Obed. They occupy a revered status among the Microvascular surgeons in Asia. His training included several Microvascular surgeries and reconstructive surgical procedures, which took 4 years to complete.


He set a record when he became a professor in M.CH within a few months of joining his training. He expertly handled several complex surgeries which included hand, finger, and scalp replant. He also has several cases of free flap surgeries, surface surgeries, breast surgeries, burn reconstructions, congenital disorders, trauma connected surgeries and Rhinoplasty to his credit.

His first achievement was when he joined the establishment as professor and authority in real time during his M.CH training. As an Assistant Professor in Cosmetics Surgery Department, he handled all causalities seriously and performed several surgeries including the hand replants, finger replants and scalp replants.

He also performed the free flap surgeries, burn reconstructions, congenital disorder, and surface surgeries, breast surgeries, Rhinoplasty and trauma connected surgeries. He even under his tenure of Deepak Hospital performed various replants to avoid wasting the shredded limbs, he even taught M.CH and general surgery trainees and the M.B.B.S graduates about the techniques and latest advancements in Hair Transplantation and Cosmetic Surgery industry.

He even conducted the cosmetic surgery camps along with his hair transplant team in the numerous components of Asian countries. He performed countless surgeries under the support of senior cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Barbara (New royal line Burns Centre), Dr. Joshaya (Plastic physician from Oman), and Dr. Kulwant Singh Bhangu (Bufflo, USA) in CMCH Ludhiana.

He completed his fellowship in Hair Transplant and Reconstructive Surgery under the guidance of Dr. Manoj Khana, to be a Board-certified sawbones in Calcutta, India. He assisted and performed several reconstructive surgical procedures and hair transplants in Calcutta, Delhi, Bombay, and metropolis. Dr. Vikas Gupta also assisted and even performed more than 500 hair transplants with Dr. Manoj Khanna. He also got the honor to get assistance and to be an aiding physician of Dr. K.S. Bhangu (Bufflo), Dr. Wakis (Greece), Dr. Lari (Dubai), and Dr. S.S.Chatterjee (Cal) throughout his fellowship.

Additionally, he performed more than 70 liposuctions, 30+ breast surgeries, 30+ Gynecomastias, more than 20 tummy tucks, 15+ breast reductions, 15 Rhinoplasty, 10 lip/nose revisions and more than 5 face lifts under the guidance of Dr. Manoj Khanna which added in his skills and experience

How To Find The Best Plastic Surgeon In India

It is the dream of many people to look their best all the time, whether they are endowed with perfect features or not. The tell-tale signs of aging also account for many cases of plastic surgery.In the past few decades, the number of plastic surgeons and the number of patients has gone up drastically. Gone are the days when the surgery was considered as a corrective measure for congenital defects, burn or accident victims. It has become synonymous with revitalizing the skin, reviving youthful looks and absolutely a normal procedure among the film stars and models. Even common people desirous of maintaining their good looks are increasingly opting for this procedure. However, the procedure bears results only when the surgeon is an expert. You will need the following guidelines to find an apt surgeon for your surgery-

  1. Fix up interviews with the surgery centres after finalizing a list of 2-3 renowned ones. Ask queries clearly and precisely so that you can identify whether the surgeons are board-certified or not. It will also give you an insight into the professionalism and infrastructure of the clinic.
  2. You can go for personal recommendations from your near and dear ones. Satisfied ex-patients are the best advertisement for a deft doctor. So ask your friends and family if they know a good plastic surgeon.
  3. Look for a specialist-If you want excellent results, you will have to find out a  specialist. So look for someone who has a plastic specialty.
  4. Ask about the number of years of experience the doctor has. It will be a direct pointer to the skills of the doctor.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery


It is a cosmetic surgery that results in a younger-looking face. It is also known as rhytidectomy.

Botox and Fillers

It is the new wonder treatment that fades away the fine lines and wrinkles from the face.I t is being widely used, especially by people in the show business.


Rhinoplasty surgery, also commonly known as the nose job or nasal reshaping surgery is a reconstructive plastic surgery that is concerned with reshaping the nose or correcting some malformed parts of the nose.

Career at Profile Hair Centre

He initiated his journey for Profile center under one roof and gives his dedication to this reconstructive surgery center. He introduced the advanced and innovative techniques like Hybrid Hair Transplant Technique beneath stereomicroscope in North of urban center for hair restoration. This method is combination of FUT and FUE that overcome the drawbacks of both methods of hair transplant