Alopecia (baldness)or hair loss is a condition in which the person suffers from hair loss on any part of the body, hair loss of the head is more common.

Hair loss or baldness is a common issue among men and likewise complex as well. The dispute behind hair loss is no fewer complexes as hair is considered a vital part of one’s look. For women hair is regarded as part of their beauty while, for men it is taken as part of their young look hence, making hair loss a sensitive issue.

For many Hair Loss in Men is considered to be genetic but, for some hair loss can be a medical issue as well. Medical causes can vary from poor diet to internal or a systematic disease.

The common cause is the age which usually arises around the 40s but medical wise age has no concern. For the medical type of hair emotional trauma, a prolonged illness, hormonal change (puberty or pregnancy) or an inappropriate diet can also be the cause for hair loss. Another cause of Hair Loss in Women is during menopause.

Certain health issues like thyroid and cancer also cause hair loss. Even a common flu can cause temporary hair loss. Just like age, even hair has a growth cycle that goes from growth to resting to the shedding phase. Over take of Vitamin-A is also one of the causes for hair loss.


    In order to maintain natural hair growth, you should take care of diet and live healthy life style. There are several factors that interrupt your consistent hair growth such as:

    • Hormonal variation- Hormonal variations caused by menopause have a direct effect on healthy hair growth. However menopause rarely affects hairs, but it is one of the main factor that becomes responsible in some cases.
    • After Pregnancy – Pregnancy creates the stressful condition in women body for a long period. It results into hair thinning or infact bald areas due to hormone changes. But it improves soon after pregnancy.
    • Birth control- Birth prevention pills cause contraception in female’s body. It consists of progestin and estrogen that affect healthy hair growth in women suffering from genetic hair loss.


    • Age- With increase in age, we usually use to experience gradual hair loss.
    • Anxiety and depression In our daily life, everyone suffers from some level of stress that results in anxiety and depression due to which we use to observe significant hair fall. Daily stress severely affects a person’s health state that is alarmed by hair drop.
    • Unhealthy food- In order to get healthy hair and significant hair growth, it is essential to eat food enriched with nutrients and vitamins. The essential nutrients that should be present in your food are Protein, iron, zinc, silica, magnesium and fatty acids
    • Extensive styling- Unnecessary use of sprays, dyes, irons etc cause hair damage permanently. People who notice significant hair damage due to use of these products should stop using them.
    • Smoking and drinking- Smoking and consumption of alcohol also have a severe effect on your healthy hair growth. They affect the blood supply to hair roots
    • Hypothyroidism – Every 15th person around us suffer from the thyroid problem. The deficiency of thyroid results in the overactive thyroid. This hormone is responsible for active metabolism, good heart rate, and mood. Lack of thyroid is shown by hair loss.
    • Anaemia- Iron deficiency occurs in people who do not eat iron enriched foods, due to this blood lacks in red blood cells. These cells are responsible for transport of oxygen throughout the body to provide sufficient energy. Due to iron deficiency or anaemia, a person experiences headaches, cold hands, and hair fall. It also causes short breath.

    Above are the common reasons of hair loss in people.


    Be it men or women hair loss is a matter of serious concern. With correct treatment hair loss associated with a medical issue can be treated.

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