Fat Transplantation in India

Sick of trying to lose weight but dissatisfied because of the futility of your efforts? Tired of your pot belly or thunder thighs? Well, medical science comes to

Your rescue once again. This time it saves the day with the Fat transplant in Ludhiana.


    The Turnaround Technique

    Fat Transfer also goes by the name of Fat Transplant is a process in which the fat distribution in the body is equalized through surgery. The fat is extracted from the areas which are overtly overwhelming and transferred to the areas which are lacking.

    The Organs in Question

    The organs which come under the purview of the Fat Transfer are the face, hands, Buttocks, and breasts.


    The procedure calls for minimum cuts and bruises which are a cause for concern as far as other surgeries are concerned. The procedure removal from the organs where the fat needs to be deducted. Typical cases involve extraction of fat from the organs like thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. Liposuction or MicroLipo technique is used for the purpose. The cells are then separated from the damaged cells and the same are injected into areas which could do with some additional fat.

    Technical Finesse

    The procedure is not new but as goes for all the surgeries, it is best performed by a veteran.

    Advantages of Fat Transfer in Punjab

    • Value for money

    Fat Transfer is a safer and cheaper way of reducing fat rather than using synthetic fillers.

    • Desirable Results

    The technique lends a smooth, plump and soft finish to the skin.

    • Younger looking skin

    The rejuvenated skin not only looks but also feels 10 years younger


    • Natural Results

    The results are anything but artificial. It is hard to make out if one has gone for the procedure by looking at the person.

    • Short recovery period

    Post-procedure, the recovery time is pretty short and the patient can resume his daily routine in a matter of a few days.

    • Local anaesthesia

    Instead of general, only local anaesthesia is administered, so the procedure is basically a hassle-free process.

    MicroLipo or Liposuction?

    While both the options are employed for the Fat transfer, it is important to know the finer points of both the techniques. Liposuction usually lasts for one to three hours; the total time taken depends on the area of the body. It involves administering general anaesthesia; therefore, it requires an overnight stay in the hospital. Patients having high BMI generally undergo this procedure.

    MicroLipo – It involves injecting the area with a local anaesthetic after which minor incisions are made. The patients are expected to follow a normal routine after a span of 1 week.

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