Pre Hair Transplant Surgery Instructions

Prior to surgery avoid wearing clothes that require to be worn above the head. Shirts should be given preference to while going for hair restoration procedure.

If you are taking any medication like aspirin for blood thinning avoid for a few days. If required take Ceftum*500mg twice a day three days before your hair restoration procedure. Also consult your surgeon for instructions as they vary from surgeon to surgeon.

If you have dandruff suggestion is to take Arcolane*/Scalp shampoo /Betadine Surgical Scrub*/ KZ* / for 3 days prior to your restoration procedure. Do consult with your surgeon for instructions as they vary from doctor to doctor.

Before coming for hair restoration throughly rinse your with shampoo and dry them. Do not use any gel or oil. If you wear a wig, remove prior to shampoo and do not wear until process is over. After shampoo wear a shower cap to keep hait clean from dust.

Prior to your hair Restoration avoid intake of Alcohol/ Gutka or smoking.

If you are taking medication like Minoxidil, stop 2-3 weeks before your hair restoration process.

In order to avoid any hassle prior to your restoration be open on any medical issue you have with your doctor to avoid any issue in your restoration process Take full rest and no exertion one day prior yo your surgery.

When you come for hair restoration make sure you have had a healthy breakfast or lunch and don’t eat any spicy food.

Opt from wearing any valuables like jewelry when you come to the clinic.

Do bring along at least one relative or friend with you to the clinic.

You will requite to get some Blood tests (CT, LFT, HB%, RBS, BT, HIV-Elisa, ECG and Australian Antigen) 2 days before your restoration process and consult with your panel of doctors via mail or in person.

If you have gray hair get them colored for convenience in surgery 2 days before your surgery. OR come to the clinic and get them colored at the clinic.

If you want to opt the BHT (Body Hair Treatment), suggestion is to shave the donor area like armpits, pubic, back, chest and thighs 4 days prior to restoration day.

After your restoration it is advisable not to drive yourself as you might be given a medication that can make you drowsy.

It is highly advised to give exercise to your scalp. For this you, with the help of your palm, slide the skin up-down by sliding on the back and side of the head. Do so 100 times a day ad this will increase the blood supply that will help in the quality of the linear scar during strip process.

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