Celebrities who undergone for hair transplant in India

Do you ever wonder why do celebrities want to have their hair all the times and they don’t dream to have baldness in any case. Does baldness see the status or religion of a person? Hairlessness is a curse not for an ordinary person but also for celebrities. Hair fall or baldness is like a horrible thing that no one dreams to experience it.

There was a time when some of the trending alpha males had their greatest glory and they were bold and smart but the situations changed dramatically. Their tempting beauty didn’t last long when they hit baldness.

Well, hair loss is a common condition that occurs today and disappears tomorrow. But more and more males are suffering from hair loss, choosing hair transplant surgery, conditions are becoming more uncontrollable. Following are the celebrities who went through the hair transplant surgeries to recover their baldness.

Here are the famous personalities who got baldness but they controlled it with hair transplantation. It was their secret weapon to transform their look. There is hardly a way to differentiate the transplanted hair and natural hairs. We have to admit that their baldness was aided by science and technology, as most people who were losing hairs, are getting them back.


Govinda disappeared from the silver screen for a length of time and was hibernating in his real life. It was because he didn’t want his wash of hair to get damaged as he had undergone a hair transplant surgery once taking expert advice of Salman Khan- who himself has also had this transplantation. From this, it is proven that older guys can get the desired results.

Sourav Ganguly

The ex-captain Indian Cricket Team has always been in news for his unkempt and messy hair. Although, it did not discourage Sourav to handle the hands when he initially has begun developing a suitably noticeable bald spot in the middle of his head in the beginning of 2000. He chose the hair transplant procedure that proven well for him.

Aditya Pancholi

Aditya Pancholi also suffered an obstruction when he has chosen losing his looks. He ignored using a wig and hence chosen celebrities hair transplant surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab. The results achieved are phenomenal. He also lost weight and achieved natural hair look which enhanced his personality once again.

Further common celebrities who chose Hair transplantation, both Indian and overseas are Shane Warne, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Boman Irani etc. The hair transplantation helped people significantly in regaining their youth and attractive appearance and it was more valuable for the celebrities whose career totally depends on their look. With the promising hair transplantation surgeries such as FUE, laser and FUT techniques, hair restoration has become pretty easy.

Nowadays loads of Bollywood celebrities are going for hair transplant treatment because the results are too good for this treatment. This treatment is the only proven treatment so far which has the ability to rebuild hair on the bald head in the safe and efficient way for permanently lost hair.

In the medical field of hair transplant Dr. Vikas Gupta has wide experience in FUE and FUT techniques to present perfect results. Here we have some pictures of bollywood stars that are fully satisfied with hair transplant treatment.With response from FUE and FUT, now we have introduced Robotic Hair transplant in Ludhiana which is best technique and better even with FUE.




    In the Year 2010-11-12 Dr Vikas Gupta had an opportinuity to Meet, Operate, Examine No. of Cricket Celebrities & Legends & Photograph these Legends

    Boby Pervez

    Boby Pervez/Naukari.com

    Dr Vikas Gupta along with Hari Sadu / Boby Pervez/Naukari.com



    Dr Vikas with superstar Govinda

    Nikhil Chopra

    Nikhil Chopra

    Dr Vikas with Cricketer Nikhil Chopra

    Sunil Gavaskar

    Sunil Gavaskar

    Dr Vikas Gupta along with Legend Sunil Gavaskar

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