Is Hair Transplant Just For Men? What About Women’s Hair Loss Issues


    Is Hair Transplant Just For Men? What About Women’s Hair Loss Issues

    We all know that both men and women face hair loss; the only difference is the speed of hair loss and recovery from person to person. 

    When men face severe hair loss, they undergo hair transplant surgeries, but what about hair loss in women? Hence in this blog, we will discuss if women can go through a hair transplant Ludhiana and if yes, then what would be the procedure for the same. 

    Difference Between Hair Loss In Men & Women 

    Whenever a man faces hair loss, you will notice the hair loss structure is U shaped, but when a woman faces hair loss, they will start losing hair from the middle line of their scalp, and slowly you will notice that there will be an empty area around her scalp. 

    Reasons Behind Hair Loss in Men

    • Most men face hair loss issues because of the medical conditions they are facing. In addition, there are a lot of men who are struggling with problems stress-related because of which their hair is decreasing. 
    • Several hormonal changes occur in men’s bodies due to physical and mental conditions; some are because of the medicines they eat, their eating habits, and many more. 
    • Another reason behind hair loss is aging. So yes, hair loss is a normal part of aging. But with the help of the right treatment methods, you can slow down this procedure as well. 

    Reasons Behind Hair Loss in Women

    • If you are a woman who styles your hair regularly, it’s one of the biggest reasons behind hair loss. 
    • Most women face hair loss issues because of hereditary problems. In addition, their mother or family must have been facing hair loss, and they have the same problem. 
    • There are a lot of hormonal imbalances that take place in women’s bodies, and these imbalances can lead to hair loss and severe health issues as well. 
    • If you are a woman facing cancer, it is also a reason behind your hair loss. Unfortunately, most cancer treatments lead to hair loss and further problems. 

    Hair Transplant For Women 

    Hair transplant for women is entirely different from the hair transplant process in men. In men, the follicles are picked from the back of their head, while in the case of women, you can’t pick the hair follicles from the affected areas at all. This is because if you try to pick the hair follicle from those areas, there is a high chance that the follicles will fall down. 

    Ensure you are getting in touch with an experienced hair transplant clinic that also offers you affordable hair transplant costs. 


    Hair loss for men and women both differ; it’s also why the hair transplant for women is a bit complex, and a completely different process is used. Get in touch with Profile Hair Transplant for the best treatment.