Post Care Hair Transplant Surgery Techniques

  • Post hair transplant surgery you are bound to feel pain but, it will be mild.
  • Make sure you take your medicines as prescribed. Take proper intake of food and milk before you take the medicines. Do not take medicines on an empty stomach.
  • To keep your mind off the pain try keeping relaxed by watching movies, listening to music but avoid stress/ exertion and any movements that can jerk your head.
  • Take adequate sleep and use only soft pillows for sleeping.
  • In case pain still continues, take the pain killers prescribed by your surgeon.


    Day 2

    • As per the instructions given by your doctor, make sure you follow your appointment for removal of your bandage.
    • Avoid getting your hair wet while bathing.
    • According to the instructions of your doctor, clean your grafts as they require moisture.

     Do not rub or comb your grafts

    Week 1 – Do not rub or comb your grafts

    mild rubbing

    Week 2 –If permitted mild rubbing is allowed. You can use minoxidil or a lotion suggested by your surgeon. The grafts will begin to fall now but, in the next 3-4 months they will grow back so no need to worry.

    About Donor Area

    About Donor Area Like wise, the donor area also requires adequate care. You can use ointment or sprays as per the instructions given by your surgeon. This is necessary for the new graft area. As for the stitches, they will loosen and remove on their own in 7-10 days


    Exercise – For 2 weeks at least take a mild walk or jog but, do not stretch or jerk your head.

    Post Operative Swelling

    Post Operative Swelling – Post operative swelling is common so do not worry. Swelling can be visible on the fore head area and might last from 4-5 days. Place some ice cubes in a cloth and apply on the swelled area.

    If you are taking medication like Minoxidil, stop 2-3 weeks before your hair restoration process.

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