Go with the buzz of PRP therapy as showed effective results for hair loss


    Go with the buzz of PRP therapy as showed effective results for hair loss

    PRP therapy for Hair Loss: Worth the investment?

    You must have heard PRP therapy for injured knees to help them heal. For a long time, the PRP injection has been an effective choice for ortho care. But the advancement in medical science makes sure to target every other field. So the same is done with hair restoration treatment. Along with Hair transplant in Ludhiana, PRP therapy works effectively as a non-surgical option. The therapeutic abilities of PRP therapy help to make it all effective and bring a difference in the individual’s hair health.

    PRP therapy: Detailed procedure to show effective results

    Over time the approach of PRP therapy in Ludhiana transformed to every possible bit. The PRP treatment includes extracting a blood sample from the patient’s arm and transferring it back to the vial. Later, blood is spun down in a special machine called a centrifuge. The procedure allows the blood platelets to concentrate.

    It’s the red blood platelets that are accountable for helping in hair growth. The hair restoration injects the blood into the problematic part of the scalp; that has thin hair and bald spots. The working treatment method is simple, and the effectiveness shows within a few sessions.

    Is it possible to combine PRP and Hair transplant treatment?

    YES! You need to consult the hair transplant surgeon to customize the treatment plan. The combination of PRP and hair transplant makes the results effective and much better.

    Are there any risk factors of PRP therapy?

    During PRP therapy, the patient’s blood will be used; therefore, the risk of infection will be reduced. The PRP therapy for hair loss works effectively. A very limited group of patients notice any adverse side effects or problems after undergoing the therapy. The only effect that lasts for a few hours is anesthesia; once it wears off, you will feel completely normal.

    On the other hand, some patients complain about having a dull ache on the injection spot. Although chances are very rare, veins or arteries get damaged, which leads to a blood clot. Although all these risk factors are low, undergoing a treatment plan under the expertise of a board-certified PRP Expert takes down any chances of error.

    Discuss till you get informed and satisfied

    Schedule initial consultation with our hair restoration surgeon, who will guide you toward the most effective treatment plan. Dr. Vikas Gupta at Profile Forte will give you the most advanced, safe, and appropriate approach that helps your hair health. Make sure you take prompt action to ensure the condition is manageable on time. In case there’s any doubt, then make sure to ask our hair restoration doctor about the same.