Is it possible to have a hair transplant with another person’s hair?


    Is it possible to have a hair transplant with another person’s hair?

    If genetic hair loss is already advanced, especially in the case of male pattern baldness, a hair transplant using your hair would not be realistic since there might not be enough hair in the donor areas to cover the balding area.


    In this case, it could be tempting to think of having your hair helped by a hair transplant using the hair of another person. This might be the case, especially if someone in your circle of friends has hair that resembles yours in terms of both structure and color rather precisely.


    Unfortunately, it is difficult to perform a hair transplant using the hair of another person, even if that person is a close relative. As soon as the immune system recognized the hair follicles as foreign substances, it began to attack them. Before the follicles have a chance to mature, the transplanted hair would regrow.


    Is there anyone who could donate their hair?

    Even donors from the same family or with comparable hair forms and colors are ineligible because their cells contain different genetic markers. The immune system would decimate the hair follicles, stopping further hair growth. Hair transplant surgery would be pointless.


    Why does a person’s body accept their organs but not their hair?

    In an organ transplant, the immune system is suppressed by so-called immunosuppressants, preventing the body from rejecting the transplanted organs. But these medications also suppress the immune system as a whole, not only the immunological response to the transplanted organ. This explains why those who have received an organ donation are more susceptible to diseases including cancer.


    What options do you have for a hair transplant with another person’s hair?


    Artificial hair transplantation

    Bio-fibers are implanted during synthetic hair transplants. The substance is a fiber that resembles your hair in both structure and color.

    Bio fibers are foreign substances that do not develop and resemble someone else’s hair. Because they are not a part of the bloodstream, the immune system generally fights them less vigorously. However, the body frequently responds by becoming red and experiencing other allergic symptoms.

    For a patient’s body to accept the bio fibers, a certain level of luck is required. Therefore, this type of hair transplantation is typically not provided by reputable hair transplant clinics.


    A hair transplant using your hair

    A hair transplant can still be an option for the patient even if they are almost completely bald. There may still be enough healthy follicles in the donor location, but they are dormant. These follicles may be revived in conjunction with growth medicines and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy.

    Additionally, beard, chest, and back hair grafts may be added to scalp grafts. This makes it possible to cover larger bald areas.


    Using the FUE method, each follicle can be carefully removed and transplanted to a different place. In this way, bald patches might regrow full hair.

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