Male And Female Hair Loss

Normal Human being losing 100-150 hair daily so nothing to worry about this

Three phases of hair growth we have




First let Discuss about the Anagen:

a) Anagen : It is the phase when our hairs are growing then we take

b) Catagen : It is the phase when the hair begin to breakdown

c) Telogen : Third is the phase in that our hairs are in rest

How is hair loss classified in male or female?

There are many ways and method to classify the hair loss the best way to take care of hair loss is occur or not is going for the localized (small area) and patchy area.

What Is Patchy Hair Loss

Patchy hair loss means small area of hair loss.

The causes of hair loss is

a) alopecia areata

b) traction alopecia

c) trichotillomania

d) and tinea capitis

e) Triangular alopecia

f) Scarring alopecia


    Hair Loss in Men

    Hair loss problem occur most in men and more than 70% men facing hair loss problem.Some time hair loss cause is medical hair loss

    May be it is because of poor nutrition

    May be it is the cause iof bad here care techniques which we are following in daily routine

    Now lets discuss the hereditray hair loss

    a) The genes and hormones in our body have a stricking effect in our foliciles that cause them ineffective at growing new hairs

    b) over time the shrinking of scalp folicliles leads to a hair shortening growning cycle

    c) hair become thinner and shorter untill there is no growth at all

    Lets talk about the Other non Hereditary reasons are:

    Medical Conditions

    a) Thyroid Problem

    b) Alopecia areata

    c) Scalp infections

    d) Other skin disorders

    Now discuss about the medications of all these because while reading this you have in mind that what is the medication for that first i will tell you their bad effects

    a) cancer

    b) Arthritis

    c) Depression

    d) Heart problems

    e) High blood pressure

    Now i am going to discuss some more facts which are the main cause of hair loss

    a) physical or emotional shock.

    b) Hair-pulling disorder

    c) Certain hairstyles

    Female Hair Loss

    In female hair loss is in more pattern forms if you have scalp hair loss then you should consult your physician or hair restoration specialist

    Now lets discuss about Female Pattern Baldness

    In female the hair loss is not usually recoginized some time in women hair loss begin from 50 or later in age

    women lose hair due to genetic factors too

    Hair loss myths of special conserdation to women

    a) due to long hair

    b) Excess shamppoing

    c) coloring of hairs

    Non-Pattern Causes of Hair loss in Women

    Alopecia areata

    Triangular alopecia

    Scarring alopecia

    Telogen effluvium

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