Facial Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab

Face- Your essential identity organ

1. Facial Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab, Face is the essential part of your body that displays your outlook. It is a unique identity of a person with the widest and lasting effect on others.

2. Eyebrows, moustaches and beard have a wide contribution to make face more beautiful and charming.

3. Oppositely the scars and lack of hairs significantly affects your personality. In the industries related to the glamour field like entertainment, face of a person has an extensive value.


    Why Hair Transplant for facial hair loss

    • Facial hair transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab is a mildly surgical procedure that helps hairs to grow on their face.
    • In this procedure, a skilled surgeon helps grow hairs on the bald part as well as on the areas where hairs have never grown.
    • Beard transplant is an essential cosmetic procedure that includes a part of the face that overall outlook of your face becomes more uniform and attractive.
    • Good quality hair follicles are removed carefully from the donor site and then planted at the required site in a right direction and correct angle by using hair transplant technique.
    • The procedure type is chosen depending on the evaluation of problem, face part and patient.
    • FUE creates linear scar whilst in FUE there are only tiny scars are almost unnoticeable.

    Benefits of facial hair transplant

    • Receiving a specific and beautiful facial look to the world famous personality as needed and achieved by the patient.
    • Concealing the natural marks, acne, wounds and scars on face
    • Improves the density of hairs in moustaches, beard and eyebrows
    • Develop new hairs in the bald eyebrows and beard
    • The injured parts are filled by this surgery by growing hairs on the facial area
    • Cosmetic surgeons increase the hair density in moustaches and beard
    • Hair line can be restored, improved or new hair line can be made depending on the requirement
    • The transplanted hairs look natural and grow permanently that no one find any difference between the natural and transplanted hairs.

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