FUE Hair Transplantation In Ludhiana, Punjab

FUE Hair Transplantation In Ludhiana, Punjab, In the present time, it has become feasible to eradicate the problem of hair shedding easily, thanks to improvements in the cosmetic industry. The baldness can be completely prevented from the life of people such that they can enjoy having hair covered scalps that were once suffering from thin hairs of bald head.

Hair loss is a nightmare for everyone, but when someone gives a hope that your hair can come back, it seems not less than a miracle. Throughout the decades several techniques have been experienced for hair restoration, FUE hair transplantation is one of them.



    Follicular unit extraction or FUE is an advanced hair transplantation procedure that results into completely natural hair that are unrecognizable. It is a more sophisticated procedure, therefore it is offered by only a couple of clinics.

    In FUE, incisions are not made so the surgery is free from scars and sutures. Individual grafts are taken and are quickly placed into the recipient region.

    The procedure is conducted in the following steps:

    • Donor and recipient areas are differentiated before beginning the procedure. If donor region doesn’t have required hair density, grafts are taken from other body parts for example chest, beard etc.
    • Hair grafts are individually received from the donor region.
    • Grafts are then implanted quickly into the recipient region
    • The process is slightly invasive and creates no scars as it is done by a professional, the recovery time is little. People become able to come back to normal lives very soon.



    • No linear scars. Therefore FUE is superior to FUT, so with FUE you can keep short hair length as much as possible.
    • No cuts are made so means no stitches are made.
    • Because of the absence of cuts and stitches, the healing duration is little, so you can resume your routine very soon.
    • Additionally, as there are no cuts, so nominal chance of infection in the donor and recipient region.
    • The donor region may extend from the scalp, as with FUE, grafts can be received from beard, arms and chest.


    • Limited count of grafts can be taken in single session.
    • Mechanical trauma may occur.
    • Improper graft handling could result in their death.
    • Unnecessary harvesting is possible.


    Secured transplantation is performed by expert surgeons so patients can receive trouble – free treatment. They can be free from the surgery on the same day. Patients can witness the growing hair follicles within three months however the actual outcomes can be observed in the first year with perfectly grown hair that look natural and healthy. Patients can receive lifelong solution for hair loss issues.

    Why a professional hair surgeon?

    • Fully controlled follicular transaction rate such as below 3%.
    • Time taken by a graft, outside the body is reduced confirming healthy hair.
    • Professional surgeons work with you.

    The overall cost of FUE is 90000 per session. So get in touch with professional hair surgeons to receive best FUE Hair Transplant in Punjab, Ludhiana.

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