Hair Loss Myths And Facts

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Hair is considered as the crowning glory for not only women but, men alike. For women it is considered as part of their beauty while, for men hair is considered to be symbol of youth. The reason why hair loss is a serious issue for men and women alike.

As is with any other issue a lot of myths and facts circle around hair loss. Here are some myths and facts about hair loss.


  • Hair restoration is unattractive: Many consider hair restoration as unattractive. This is a myth as many are very happy after their restoration procedure but, make sure you check the credentials of your doctor.
  • Baldness is hereditary from your Mother: Baldness is not only inherited from your mother’s side but, both, father and mother.
  • Pulling out a Grey, gives place for other threes to grow: Pulling out a Grey has no concern with more grey hair growth. Yes, regular pulling of same hair does damage the follicle hence, cause hair loss.

Facts about hair loss:

  • Hair loss due to stress: Stress is one factor behind losing hair. Stress can be of any type like, after a car accident or during pregnancy.
  • Mistreating hair: Aggressive brushing, combing backward, dying or straightening can cause hair loss.


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