FUT Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab

FUT Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, Punjab, Follicular unit transplant or FUT is known as strip method that is a traditional hair transplantation method that is commonly selected by people at the widest level. Hair containing skin is received with the help of scalpel from the head backside. Grafts are made from the strip that consists of almost two hair follicles which are then placed in the recipient area similar to FUE method.



      • Local anesthesia or sedation is given to make a patient comfortable for the treatment. Under anesthesia, patient doesn’t feel any inconvenience or pain. So it ensures that the procedure is performed without causing any pain.
      • Specific donor region is chosen precautiously, as it should be the region with maximum hair density to ensure long-term stability of the transplanted hair.
      • As soon as the hair strip is taken, it should be kept in a physiological solution that decreases the natural fluids in the body and offers time to cease the wound developed by the strip taken.
      • The extracted strip is dissected into the single layer of hair follicular units. Every unit is trimmed from each additional issue. The grafts are separated individually that will be eventually implanted in the bald region.
      • The development of the recipient region has to be performed precisely, as it will determine the overall appearance. Fine blades or needles are utilized to develop the site and then hair angle is determined. An expert surgeons make sure that the sites are developed in a way that the eventual appearance is fully natural. For this custom, blades are used according to the graft size.
      • Once the sites have been developed the grafts are placed into the holes. This process is carefully conducted by the surgeon to ensure the implantation of healthy hairs.
      • Finally, the grafts are checked again and the after surgery will be scheduled. The donor region is covered with the bandage and you can wear the cap to receive additional security.

    Small follicular units are extracted from the graft that comprises of around 1-4 hairs.



    • Large area of baldness is covered with FUT
    • The scars are hidden
    • Complete baldness can be covered in one go


    • Slow hair growth- Caused as follicle damage
    • Extremely rare infections that are controlled by antibiotics before and after treatment
    • Linear scars- The surgeon places incision in a suitable donor region that is hard to find
    • Longer healing period- Genetics can be significant in this and many people heal more quickly than others
    • Pigmentation changes in the skin- Hyperpigmentation in skin may occur although the chances are nominal.
    • The microscope is used to prevent the risk of damage to the hair follicles. The stitches are used to close the incision made in the donor region. The number of sessions required to perform depends on the type of hair loss and the magnitude of coverage needed.
    • Meanwhile we are all humans and react to the things in different ways. Consult with your surgeon for the cost of FUT Hair Transplant in Punjab, Ludhiana.

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