PRP Treatment For Hair Loss in Ludhiana, Punjab


    PRP Treatment For Hair Loss in Ludhiana, Punjab

    Profile Forte Ludhiana: PRP Treatment For Hair Loss, Hair loss is one of the common problems which is increasing around the globe. Now! When any such problem increases at a mass scale there has to be something that is effective and gives feasible results. No matter what the age or be it men or women, hair loss affects the person’s confidence to a great extent.

    One thing is certain that all those treatment options which we see in the ADs are not worth it as the results are not permanent. So, does it mean there is no such treatment that can be an effective choice for the hair loss sufferers to address the problem effectively? WAIT! The hair restoration industry is getting better with time.

    Hair Transplant in Ludhiana is one of the effective treatment plans which is known for giving permanent & natural-looking hair growth. Along with hair transplant, there is PRP which is gaining attention in all ways. It’s even true that both the treatment options can be well-combined with each other to get the best results.

    PRP Therapy

    PRP therapy is one of the best and improved treatment options through which hair growth is increased by using the individual’s platelets. It’s the growth factors present in the platelets and they make a difference to hair health.

    During PRP therapy, a small amount of blood is taken and then spinned through the centrifuge which allows the necessary platelets to be separated from the blood. The best part about PRP therapy is that there are not any sort of issues and downtime is less. Following the session, individuals can easily get back to their daily life.

    Why is PRP therapy the best choice for growing hair?

    Well! Its effectiveness is something that is proven through clinical research. The results have shown that new hair growth is noticed and the hair thinning problem gets less. The concentration level in it is the highest which allows the success to go to another level.

    While getting the PRP therapy, the hair growth cycle goes into the hair growth phase, and there it will stay for longer. Following that hair follicles will get stimulated which is the reason new hair growth is seen.

    As mentioned above the results of PRP will be seen within a few sessions which means don’t expect anything immediately. The hair growth occurs in a cycle so expect that it will take around 2 to 3 months to see the necessary change you are expecting.

    Is PRP therapy right for me?

    Well! The treatment is safe and the results are worth it. To get yourself the benefit of PRP therapy make sure to schedule an initial consultation with the doctor and plan everything under the expertise of Dr. Vikas Gupta. If you have any sort of doubt then make sure to discuss the same.