Are you suffering from hair loss? The study reveals one of the effective treatment options


    Are you suffering from hair loss? The study reveals one of the effective treatment options

    Hair loss sufferers around the globe look for treatment options that are effective and address the problem completely. Indeed! The dynamics of the medical industry change at a fast pace and every time there is something different and better in it. People often struggle to find the best answer for hair loss issues and baldness. You know what, there is one thing that has grabbed the individual’s attention and there is no way that any other treatment can work like that. Well! Here I am talking about the Hair Transplant in Ludhiana and how effectively it can give those results which are needed.

    Over time, research has been done which has proven several options have come in the way of making hair restoration as effective and feasible as it can be.

    New study to find something effective for hair loss

    All around the globe, various research and studies are conducted to better understand which method works the right way. One of the unique approaches on which efforts are made is to regenerate the hair follicles stem cells which are lost over the period. Don’t you think it would be interesting to witness something like this and which can be considered as a reliable method?

    During the experiment, the researchers took mice fur and then processed it properly to see how well they work in the lab. While researching 220 combinations of ingredients were used. Moreover, the collagen was combined through the use of 5 factors. The approach used of the NFFSE medium resulted in stem cells having the most regrowth of cells. Moreover, the hair regrowth in the mammals has a continuous phase which includes:

    • Hair growth
    • Hair falls out
    • Hair grows again

    The human hair regrowth cycle is also something like this which makes it easier to judge what can be the results.

    Did you know?

    • The hair growth phase is referred to as the anagen phase
    • The hair fall phase is referred to as the telogen phase

    So, the research has made it understood that the option of hair-regeneration treatment can make a lot of difference and improve the hair recycle phase. No doubt, the research is still in the early stages and to better judge, its effectiveness proper time is needed and whether it can make that difference in hair locks a patient is looking for.

    Get yourself a customized solution

    If you are facing severe hair loss or you have tried every possible treatment out there but nothing is working for you, then reach out to the experienced and board-certified hair transplant surgeon Dr Vikas Gupta to get the best solution for your hair health.

    The hair transplant cost is also fairly on an economical side in India as it is around Rs 40,000 which is way to less as compared to the developed nations. It’s time to understand there is no other treatment out there that can work as effectively as a hair transplant.