How are hair grafts and hair follicles different from each other?


    How are hair grafts and hair follicles different from each other?

    When we hear about something new or different it creates a level of excitement. No doubt, in that excitement sometimes people stumble on wrong or misleading information which is not right in any sense. In that entire process, there is confusion and it might even stop the person from doing that thing. Well! Here I am talking about the individuals who want to get Hair Transplant in Punjab.

    The individuals get concerned regarding the treatment as to what needs to be done or what the results will be like. In most cases, the individuals get concerned regarding the terms like hair follicles and hair grafts. This only happens as to not getting proper information on the same or getting information from different sources. In this blog, I will share the story of one such patient who fell for the wrong information and lost the confidence to get the treatment again. 

    Daman Singh

    When I started noticing a sudden change in my hair health I was worried. And that stress got even worse and the hair loss started getting severe. I decided to get a hair transplant from a local hair transplant centre without knowing the background of the clinic & surgeon’s skills. The doctor suggested that I get 5000 hair grafts and even after getting the treatment the problem was not solved. My hair looked thin and I lost confidence.

    Scheduled initial consultation with Dr. Vikas Gupta

    When Daman reached out to Dr. Vikas Gupta asked him to come for an initial consultation and to do a proper analysis. As the doctor started to compare the situation it came to light that 5000 hair grafts were not transplanted. Daman was even surprised when he came to know that only 1800 hair grafts were transplanted.

    Understanding difference b/w Hair follicle and Hair Grafts

    Hair follicles: It’s the hair root that are under the scalp

    Graft: Hair collection which is together in the scalp

    No matter what the scenario is, it’s important to be aware of the centre and get all the necessary information on what steps to take next. Choosing the best hair transplant centre will give you peace of mind in a way that all the necessary questions are cleared beforehand be it about the surgery or Hair Transplant Cost.

    The same situation happened with Daman as he only realized that something was wrong when hair growth was noticed. As the hair growth started to begin there were bald spots which created a worrisome situation. There are many clinics out there that are only giving the treatment just for the name’s sake and try to play with words as the patients are not aware of the entire situation as to what the hair transplant treatment includes.

    The hair restoration surgeon guided the patient

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