Proper detailed knowledge about the donor area in hair transplant


    Proper detailed knowledge about the donor area in hair transplant

    Well, a hair transplant is the best option for those people who have lost their hair because of some issues. So by getting a hair transplant in Ludhiana at Profile Forte Hair Transplant Centre, you can regrow your hair with a natural look.

    Moreover, there is no doubt that hair transplant cost in Punjab or at all other places is high, so make sure to select the best centre to get a positive outcome from your treatment.

    This is basic knowledge of the hair donor area that you need to have

    Importance of donor area in hair transplant

    Well, the result of your hair transplant treatment depends on your donor area, and it is your choice from which part of your body you want to donate your hair. You can select chest, beard, and scalp as well. If you have a weak donor area, then hair transplant surgeons like to harvest hair follicles from the different parts and then combine them in order to achieve desired results. However, surgeons mostly prefer to select the behind scalp and both ear sides as a donor areas because hair growth in these areas is pretty high, and the roots of the hair are stronger. Ultimately, these factors play an essential role in increasing the success rates of hair growth.

    How to overcome issues like weak donor areas?

    You do not need to worry about it if your hair donor sites are weak because the surgeon will first examine your scalp and hair. And according to your condition, they will decide which way is the best to provide you with excellent results. Most commonly, in these cases, experts prefer to combine hair follicles from different body parts such as both head sides, scalp, beard, chest, stomach, hands, and leg as well. So this trick is a perfect solution for weak donor areas.

    How does a weak donor area affect hair transplantation?

    It is understandable that a hair transplant is not a perfect solution for everyone because when someone loses hair because of some diseases like Diffuse unpatterned alopecia, they are not suitable candidates for a hair transplant. Because people suffering from these issues always have unhealthy hair or donor areas which can cause issues in treatment results. People who have extremely weak or decreased donor areas are unfit for hair transplant treatment.

    Are hair transplants with weak donor areas successful?

    Well, it totally depends on your hair transplant procedure. If you are getting your treatment from an expert, then chances are maximum that you will get your desired result no matter if your donor area is weak or strong. Because the method and tools that surgeons use also affect the results. So make sure to select experienced and reputed hair transplant surgeons to make your hair transplantation more successful.