Dr. Vikas Gupta: Hair transplant is a boon in medical advancement to the uplift confidence level


    Dr. Vikas Gupta: Hair transplant is a boon in medical advancement to the uplift confidence level

    Hair transplant transforming lives for the better

    The world of hair restoration has proven a boon among patients in a significant manner. Be it men or women; both can undergo the Hair Transplant in Ludhiana to achieve natural-looking and permanent hair growth. So, if you are concerned about your hair health, then this is the ultimate choice that you need to go for to take that confidence to a higher level.

    Hair transplant: Successful and happy patient review

    Ishan Makkar

    For the last year, I have tried various options to counter hair loss. But, every time, I get nothing but disappointment. And that’s when I got familiar with hair transplant treatment. Indeed! The treatment is nothing less than a boon for all those struggling with hair loss. Not only is the treatment successfully known to provide appropriate results, but the Hair transplant cost in Punjab is also affordable.

    For the same, I planned the treatment under the supervision of Dr. Vikas Gupta. I checked online and got to know more in detail about his supervision and the way of planning the treatment. I scheduled an initial consultation. Indeed! It has proven to be one of the best decisions of my life. During the initial consultation, he suggested to me the most accurate means to handle the situation effectively. Based on my hair loss condition, he suggested that I get an FUE hair transplant.

    That’s not all. He guided me toward the aftercare regime for hair transplant. His guidance helped me to take care of myself properly and ease through the recovery time period of 8 to 12 months. All thanks to him, his expertise has helped me to restore my lost hair growth and confidence.

    Ajay Datta

    I got to know about Dr. Vikas Gupta through an online search is known for his expertise in doing advanced and personalized treatment for hair restoration. During the initial consultation, he made sure to talk me through the entire treatment plan. Most importantly, he patiently listened to all my concerns and doubts. What I got to know is that hair transplant treatment is analyzed after checking the present hair health and then determining the total number of hair grafts required.

    Before the treatment, he talked me through the before and even aftercare to go through the recovery with utmost ease. After the surgery, he prescribed me certain medications and other essential considerations that needed to be taken care of. Within 8 to 12 months, as told by the doctor, I started to notice the results. Huge thanks to Dr. Vikas Gupta for providing the treatment plan with the utmost care and a conclusive approach, For the same, trust the expertise of our hair restoration surgeon Dr. Vikas Gupta to let yourself see get engulfed in the wave of self-confidence.