Guidance about washing hair after getting hair transplant treatment


    Guidance about washing hair after getting hair transplant treatment

    People who have low hair growth or are bald prefer to get a hair transplant in Ludhiana or at any other place, as it is the optimum way to grow natural hair without any side effects. Another positive point of getting a hair transplant is that the success rate of this treatment is pretty high.

    Moreover, after getting this treatment, people prefer to make every effort that can help to get positive outcomes. Because Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab or in all other places is pretty high, so let’s know about some tips that you can follow while washing your hair after the hair transplant treatment.

    First wash

    According to the surgeons who transplant hair, they recommend that you should wash your hair after two days. You do not have to disturb the newly transplanted hairs because that can damage their roots of them, and after that, you may not get your desired results of treatment. If you are washing your hair at home for the first time after getting hair transplant treatment then make sure to wash with a low pressure of water and do not rub the scalp hard.

    However, it would be a great option for you to get your first wash from professionals. Because they can provide excellent hair wash without damaging the roots of newly transplanted hair. Additionally, they have the best products that can help to heal small wounds and clean them properly. That can help to get excellent results from your treatment.

    Days 0-3

    • Use only recommended products and use only fingertips to avoid scratching the scalp with nails.
    • Avoid going under the shower because that water pressure can harm your new hair, and use a cup to wash water on your scalp slowly.
    • Make sure to clean the donor area by rubbing gently and avoid rubbing hardly.
    • Do not use a dryer in order to dry your hair because that can become a reason for pain because of the small wounds.
    • Use a piece of cloth to remove water from your scalp.
    • Com hair lightly
    • Avoid the exposure of sun for a few days.

    Days 3-6

    After washing your hair for the first time, you can wash them regularly with shampoo in order to maintain cleanliness.

    • You are allowed to use a dryer in order to make your hair dry but make sure to use it at low heat.
    • Do not use any kind of gel or spray on your hair and avoid using those products as well, which contain alcohol. This will help you stay away from problems like itching or dandruff.
    • Follow all the instructions of your surgeon to get desired results of treatment.