What do you know about the varicose veins? How can this be treated?


    What do you know about the varicose veins? How can this be treated?

    People are relying on the famous misconception which says that the varicose veins are a problem that can only affect the male participants. But the matter of fact is that the males can also get affected by them and thus varicose veins treatment in Ludhiana is available for both genders. There are some cases in which the problem of the varicose veins have come into origin owing to chronic venous insufficiency. When the patient gets affected by this condition, then the severe pain caused in the legs may make this problem even more painful. So no sooner you encounter the symptoms than you should immediately consult the doctor and seek varicose veins treatment in Punjab.

    How can these affect your daily routine?

    The varicose veins are a very problematic condition as they can prevent you from staying active. You may also suffer from various health complications. This is the main reason that timely help from the vascular specialist must be sought. And you must also have the proper knowledge about the causes and symptoms of the varicose veins.

    Case Study

    The story of a Pilot

    A family man named Kartik Shrivastav who had eight children was in the military for about 12 years. As we can guess that his job profile was such that he needs to travel frequently. When he had to travel in an aeroplane, he had to sit on the same seat for prolonged hours. After a considerable time had passed, he had to stretch and move around. Once the time for the considerable years has passed this way, then the pilot starts experiencing the swelling and reddishness in the legs. When this problem was not going on its own, then he decided to get it checked by the doctor. Then he was diagnosed with the problem of the varicose veins.

    Which symptoms did he face?

    • He faced the following symptoms:
    • The legs keep on getting swollen for so long
    • The legs got darker more than usual

    Do you know?

    More than anything else the problem of the varicose veins is emerging as one of the huge aesthetic concerns.

    Apart from that, Kartik experienced the following symptoms:

    • An extreme feeling of heaviness in the legs
    • The Burning sensations
    • Ulcers ad cramps in the legs

    He finally opened up for the right decision

    Kartik kept on experiencing the symptoms unless his symptoms took an intense form. Once his symptoms became so difficult for him to handle, then he decided to find a solution for the same and he visited a reputable doctor.

    He got us referred

    Kartik discussed his situation with one of his friends who was our patient. He referred us to him. Kartik got so impressed with the review that he finally approached us. One of our consulting doctors attended to him and discussed the entire situation with him.

    Discussion of treatment

    We told him about the available treatment options as follow:

    • Endovenous Laser therapy
    • Sclerotherapy
    • Microphlebectomy
    • Vein stripping

    We decided to take up Endovenous laser therapy on him. Kartik got rehabilitated within a few weeks. He was so glad about our services that he again visited us to recognize our services and thanked us.