How did Lockdown affect the plastic surgery field? How did it become normal?


    How did Lockdown affect the plastic surgery field? How did it become normal?

    When Covid-19 started, then the things in each industry were not showing the profits, as everything was completely banned. People were not even allowed to step out of their homes. The essential medical procedures were being provided and those with cosmetic nature were completely banned like Hair transplant in Punjab. Although the clinics considerably lowered the Hair transplant cost to tempt the people, the financial condition of people was thoroughly affected and they didn’t want to undergo the procedure.

    After Lockdown

    No sooner had the lockdown been over, people started worrying about their safety. They were engrossed in the thought that they may catch the covid infection if they go to any kind of hospital either for medical treatment or aesthetic enhancement. This fear keeps on affecting the revenue of the clinics.

    Things started getting Better

    Then the cosmetic surgeons or the doctors decided to spread awareness regarding this aspect. Gradually, people started appreciating the nature and the results of the procedure. Things started getting even better when the vaccination was introduced. No sooner, the government announced that the vaccination was available than the people started to feel safe and decided to take up the procedures which they had scheduled to undergo long ago.

    Why were people so negligent about the cosmetic procedures in the lockdown?

    The first reason can be taken from the financial crisis. But apart from that, while sitting at home idly, people got so negligent about their looks that they did not bother to brush before taking the breakfast.

    Which people wanted to get the cosmetic procedures done during the lockdown?

    Those people who wanted to get the surgery done but were worried about the recovery period had the diamond opportunity, to sit in the comfortable and safe premises of the home and take a rest. They were of the view that now at least they would not have to take off from work and listen to those harsh conversations with the boss.

    Get it clear !

    Those who are even working from home are required to take some days off from work as the strain and stress is not good for their health.

    Which arrangements should you get done before undergoing the procedure?

    • If you are the one, who does all the household chores from cleaning to cooking, then you are required to do some arrangements like hiring a maid or calling some relative to help you will be the best option. No matter which kind of cosmetic procedure you have undergone, our body is completely rested.
    • This thing became an issue in the lockdown since no maid was allowed to go out and work. Also, no relatives were allowed to travel from one place to another. So all in all the procedure has to be cancelled.

    Which procedures experienced an escalation in the performance rate?

    Immediately after the lockdown, the breast augmentation procedure saw an escalation. A variety of the approaches were being followed which people were highly relying on like:

    • Liposuction
    • Rhinoplasty
    • Facelifts
    • Eyelid surgery