What are the topmost tips to take care of your hair after a hair transplant?


    What are the topmost tips to take care of your hair after a hair transplant?

    Hair transplant surgery is one of the best solutions to save your hair locks. Hair Transplant in Punjab is gaining popularity among the youth because of the way treatment provides the best and permanent results. Moreover, the Hair Transplant Cost is fairly less in India as compared to any other developed nation. On average, the treatment cost around Rs 40,000. But, depending on your condition the results will vary a lot. Now if we talk about it after Hair transplant surgery then it also needs extra attention.

    Know about the possible risk factors

    Before you begin with post-hair care, it is important to understand the possible complications which can arrive with the same. Although, the procedure is safe and there is no such risk factor with hair transplant surgery. There are potential risks like infection, bleeding, hair follicle damage, and scarring. However, all these can be reduced when you consult the best hair transplant doctor for the treatment. So, make sure that you get the treatment done by an experienced doctor.


    Post hair care tips after hair transplant

    Tip 1: Strictly adhere to the after-care instructions

    Make sure that you keep your head wrapped in the bandage for enough time. Only take it off when the doctor suggests you do so. In addition, you should follow the surgeon’s instructions every single day from taking the desired medication to applying the antibiotic cream.


    Tip 2: Elevate your head while sleeping

    Right after the surgery, you need to keep your head elevated. Simply, make sure that your scalp does not touch any surface. If you keep your scalp in this position, it will help to reduce the swelling and grafts will not get dislocated from their position.


    Tip 3: Be careful of the shampoo you use

    You need to avoid the use of shampoo with harsh chemicals or any kind of unwanted product which can affect hair growth. You need to invest in that shampoo which is non-aggressive for hair growth and all the products present in it should not impact hair health. When the doctor asks you to wash your hair, make sure that you simply pat dry.


    Tip 4: Do not use heat products in excess

    No doubt, after the hair transplant you will want to style your hair in different ways. But make sure that you avoid that all cost. You shouldn’t use a blow dryer and let the hair dry on its own. Little to no heat is what you need to prefer after the hair transplant. You should prefer a loose ponytail as it won’t put much pressure on the hair grafts.


    Tip 5: Protect your scalp from the heat

    Following the treatment, you will notice healing scabs. In case you have to go outside for work then make sure that you wear a hat so that your scalp is not exposed to the sun along with dirt & dust.

    In addition, stay active and follow all the necessary tips shared by the doctor after the treatment.