Quashing The Myths With Some Facts About Male Pattern Baldness


    Quashing The Myths With Some Facts About Male Pattern Baldness

    “The more the merrier” you might have heard about this phrase a lot. But how true is it when many people give their two cents about hair transplant surgery?

    I mean you too have heard a lot of rumours about hair fall, thinning of hair or bald patches seen in men. But have you ever tried to find out whether the said rumour about those things are true or not? If not yet, this is a perfect read for you to clarify any doubts.

    So buckle up and debunks many theories with us that have been spread by many through the years.

    Also do remember Hair Transplant Cost may vary from patient to patient and their requirement on how many follicles they want to add to their transplant area, apart from that the experience of the doctor also plays a crucial role in deciding the cost of the hair transplant surgery. 

    Debunking The Myths With Facts

    • Myth 1: Wearing hats is a reason for hair fall.

    Facts: it is an absolutely false statement, hats do not cause hair fall. Though it is believed that if you wear hats the scalp will not be able to breathe or get oxygen, thus resulting in hair fall. But did you know that the oxygen that is provided to the hair follicles is through the bloodstream rather than the air that surrounds the hair?

    • Myth 2: Only men suffer from hair loss

    Facts: the women are shouting about how unfair the statement is for them. No, men are not the only ones who suffer from hair fall, but at least 40 % of women are the victim of this evilness. The only difference between men and women hair loss is that it is more noticeable in men than women. 

    • Myth 3: Washing hair too much is a reason for hair loss.

    Fact: it is a false statement, though most people have noticed hair fall during washing hair, so they might have connected the two together. But that is not the case, the hair that falls generates back, and it is a normal process. That being said try to use some organic shampoo and conditioner to not treat your hair with lots of chemicals.

    • Myth 4: Getting elder is a result of baldness.

    Facts: the truth is: age is not a factor that impacts baldness or bald patches in the hair. Men who have genetics men pattern baldness, and their ancestors have experienced the same has seen the effects to be staring in their early twenties. Though the changes that happen externally are not quite noticeable at that point in time, however, when they reach their thirties, it becomes more evident.