Diabetes & Its Relation With Hair Loss


    Diabetes & Its Relation With Hair Loss

    Hair loss is one of the conditions which is increasing at a fast pace. Now! It’s not just the issue that triggers with increasing age. The problem is linked to lifestyle practices, health issues, and much more. This is the reason it does demand attention on time so that hair locks can be saved. As is mentioned-above health issues and one of them is diabetes.

    India is the capital of diabetes which is also a great reason for several health issues. Studies have shown that diabetic patients do have problems with their hair locks and it does slow down hair growth. This is the reason for the option of hair restoration like Hair Transplant in Punjab is one of the most preferred options among individuals.

    How diabetes and male pattern baldness are included?

    In diabetic patients, the body faces difficulty producing insulin which means either it won’t get produced in the right amount or it will be less. It’s stored in the form of energy which gets stored in the bloodstream. As the blood sugar level increases there are high chances that organs are damaged like kidneys, blood vessels & eyes.

    Additionally, the hair follicles will not get the right amount of oxygen that it needs for the necessary nourishment & to ensure it is in a good state. So, if your blood sugar level continues to rise then there will be a problem.

    Can diabetic medications trigger hair loss?

    Intake of diabetic medications can trigger certain side effects which eventually create problems for the body. Though the amount of hair loss that every person has will vary a lot it does require attention on time. It’s also seen that it can affect mental & physical health adversely which is the reason hair loss gets severe. If your health does not seem to be right or medications are leading to negative results then better medical assistance at the earliest.

    Is hair transplant treatment safe for diabetic patients?

    YES! It’s safe. This means you can consult one of the best hair restoration surgeons, discuss the Hair Transplant Cost depending on the graft requirement, and even tell you about your requirement to get the surgical plan customized.

    All in all, the hair transplant surgical procedure will work the same for you as it works for non-diabetic patients. But, you must take care of your hair after the surgery so that healing goes as smoothly as it can be. If at any point during the hair transplant surgery something is not clear to you then better seek medical assistance for the same.

    Consult the hair restoration surgeon

    Are your diabetic? Do you have hair loss?

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