Is it true that ‘Head trauma is one of the major reasons behind hair loss?’


    Is it true that ‘Head trauma is one of the major reasons behind hair loss?’

    Head trauma can cause hair loss

    To answer the concern, ‘YES’ head trauma can cause hair loss. In most cases, the blow to the hair happens in 4 possible ways:

    • At first, the hair loss can be temporary when a blow happens to the head, making the hair follicles rip away easily. If you don’t see the desired growth in some time, you can look for an experienced specialist to get hair loss treatment.
    • No damage to hair follicles.
    • Chances of hair loss when the scalp is hit hard.

    With head trauma, there’s a possibility that scar tissue is formed, which can affect your overall appearance. If you have a huge scar and hair growth does not seem normal, get a hair transplant in Ludhiana to well-address the situation. The expertise of the board-certified hair loss expert makes it easier to know what works best for you and what’s not. The hair transplant surgeon’s expertise and skills are the way to make an informed choice.

    What if there’s no hair follicle on the injured area?

    The injured area is your donor’s hair, and there are no such noticeable hair follicles. If that’s the case, then don’t lose hope. The advanced hair transplant approach with BHT is perfect for making everything work effectively. It means extracting hair follicles from one of the body parts like the beard, chest, or any other appropriate area and then transplanting them to the bald area.

    Head trauma is a shock that triggers hair loss

    There’s a possibility the blow to the head that’s too hard; there’s likely to be an extreme change in chemical balance. Well, that happens because the hair health state gets affected. Although, such an effect is temporary, and there’s a possibility that the hair follicle grows back on its own. Once the hair growth cycle comes back to its normal state, the hair growth gets restored.

    How much does it take to notice hair growth after the head blow?

    It does take time, which means the growth won’t happen overnight. You must wait 3 to 6 months to see the desired hair growth. It’s the hair growth cycle that makes everything work, so wait for some time for the trauma to settle down.

    What if hair growth does not occur properly after a head blow?

    In some cases, hair growth does not occur normally. If you are unsatisfied with the hair growth and want improved density and thicker-looking hair, then a hair transplant is the choice you need to go for.

    Pay attention to head injury

    The effect of head injury is traumatic, and you have to be careful in all possible ways. Ensure not to neglect anything when an injury happens and seek immediate medical attention.