How can hair transplant treatment provide you natural and permanent results?


    How can hair transplant treatment provide you natural and permanent results?

    Looking for natural and permanent results to deal with hair loss? In that case, you should consider the hair transplant treatment. Let’s understand why you should prefer a Hair Transplant in Punjab.

    Hair transplant treatment

    During a hair transplant, the surgeon will transplant the hair follicles from one part of the scalp to another part. It is about transferring the healthy hair follicles from the healthy part to the problematic part. The advanced and improved technology has helped the patients to get the natural and desired results they want. The improved technique has helped to address the problem of doll-like hair which was visible with earlier treatment. The treatment of hair plugs was not the best choice to deal with hair loss.

    Improved hairline and placement

    The best part is that during the treatment, the hair follicles are placed with utmost precision. It gives a natural and fuller-looking hairline which provides natural results. Thanks to the advanced technology and surgeon skills, no one can tell that you have undergone the hair transplant treatment.

    Make sure to select the best surgeon

    Most importantly, you need to select the best surgeon who will provide you with natural-looking results. His skills, knowledge, and experience count a lot. Make sure that you schedule an initial consultation with the surgeon. Only the best surgeon will be able to tell you whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment and how many grafts are required.

    If he can answer all your questions and concerns you have regarding the hair transplant & your hair loss type, then move ahead with the treatment.

    Who is a suitable candidate for the hair transplant?

    Individuals in their 20s need to wait to get a hair transplant. This is because, at that time the hair loss is just at the initial stage and if you undergo the treatment, in the future the problem can advance. For that, you need to get another session. So, it is important to understand whether you are a good candidate or not for a hair transplant. You need to consider 2 things:

    • You need to have enough healthy hair on the scalp so that it can be transplanted to another area.
    • The ability to grow hair on the thin part of the scalp.

    When can I see the results with a hair transplant?

    In total, it takes around 10 to 12 months to see the final results. Although the initial hair growth is seen in the 3rd month. During the entire time, you need to follow all the suggestions given by your hair expert. If you are told about something to be avoided then you need to do that, otherwise, the final results can get affected. Just make sure that you visit the scheduled appointment on time so that the doctor can check the recovery is going smoothly.

    If you are facing hair loss in excess then schedule your initial consultation with us and get natural & permanent results with a hair transplant.