Hair health: Does intake of probiotics benefit and support hair health?


    Hair health: Does intake of probiotics benefit and support hair health?

    Medical history is filled with achievements and innovation on every horizon. It has indeed changed the face of medicine and treatment in the past decades and it will change with time. The innovation and new treatment options focus on making the person healthy and improving their overall health. Probiotics are one of the categories included in medical treatment. Its aim is skin and hair care.

    Are probiotics worth the money?

    Over the past few years, many discussions have been done on probiotics and whether they benefit health. What are probiotics?

    These are live microorganisms that are present in the body and these are essential for digestion & even provide various health benefits. Do you know these are present in the food you eat like:

    • Yogurt
    • Buttermilk
    • Pickles
    • Kimchi
    • Miso
    • Sauerkraut
    • Kombucha

    Consuming probiotics can help to avoid certain illnesses and treat them. These are good for health, but what about the hair? Do probiotics help in stimulating hair growth or stop hair loss?

    Medical expert views on probiotics for hair health

    As per medical experts, they are beneficial for hair health. If you get probiotics daily, it will help your hair to grow strong and healthy. They will destroy the presence of pathogens and harmful disease agents in the body which leads to hair growth. Well! The consumption of probiotics can benefit hair health in different ways.

    For example: With good bacteria, the presence of anti-inflammatory T-cells will increase in the body. In case, a person has a lower count of these cells then they are at increased risk of getting an autoimmune problem which leads to hair loss. When your immune system is strengthened the probiotics will help.

    Probiotics reduce stress

    Research has also shown that probiotics can help to reduce stress levels which is also a contributory factor of hair loss. Research has shown that it can help the person against the stressful situation and might even help to treat disorders like PTSD. All in all, it will be highly beneficial for you to treat hair loss and even take care of your emotional well-being.

    Manage the hormone levels in the body

    It will balance the hormonal level in the body and help the hair growth to get in the stimulated stage. Probiotics are beneficial for both men and women. Hormonal imbalance can indeed trigger hair loss. So, you take these and it might help to control your situation.

    Consult the hair expert!

    But, make sure that you always take them as prescribed by your doctor. You need to consult the hair expert first and then understand what is the reason for hair loss. Do not take them on your own.

    In case, the problem is getting worse then the doctor will suggest you undergo a hair transplant which is the ultimate solution and give natural & permanent results. Book your initial consultation and understand what should be done. Get the best hair care you deserve!