Hair Care Tips For Different Types Of Hairs


    Hair Care Tips For Different Types Of Hairs

    Every person’s hair is different which means they need to take care properly and in a different manner. It is essential to understand the hair type and then start taking care of them. Otherwise, it is very common the hair will become thin and you will experience hair fall. Here are some tips in which you can take care of the hair.

    Why it is essential to know the type of hair?

    Everyone hair is different which includes the length, texture, length, color, and type. Well, the hair type is not about the hair visually look like which means it is curly or straight. It is about hair texture. The texture of hair type is very different and this will determine how the hair should be taken care of and styled. Taking care of the hair in an optimal way will make them healthier, frizz free, and minimize hair loss.

    What actually is my hair type?

    Straight Hair

    Straight hair is actually resilient and shiny. But, in some cases, it can be quite difficult to even curl the hair are very fine straight hair as they won’t hold it properly. You might have glossy sheen but your hair might be oily. As compared to curly hair you can take care of them easily but you need to trim them and keep them moisturized.

    If you are facing hair fall then you should consult your doctor for hair loss treatment

    Wavy hair

    Wavy hair is neither straight nor they are curly. They can vary from fine to coarse but they get frizzy very early. In this case, the hair strands are of loose ‘S’ shape.

    The wavy hair is divided into 3 categories:

    • 2A Tousled Waves
    • 2B Straight-Root Waves
    • 2C Coarse Waves

    Curly Hair

    Another hair type is curly hair and they come in different shape lose, tight corkscrews to bouncy curls. Additionally, the thickness of the hair curly hair shaft will differ from person to person, weight, coarseness, and also the number of hair on the scalp (per inch). The curly type is full of volume but they are also frizzy. If you do not take proper care they will become dull. The different type of curly hair:

    • 3A Loose Curls
    • 3B Ringlet Curls
    • 3C Corkscrew Curls

    Kinky Hair

    They are also known as coily hair and they have very small & tight curls. These types of hair are either fine & thin or thick & wiry. Moreover, the hair gets shrink and they grow back on its own. But, the thing is that if hair shrinks it means the elasticity of hair is very strong. Different type of kinky hair:

    • 4A Springy Coil
    • 4B Z-Shaped Coil
    • 4C Tightest Coil