Diffuse Thinning of Hair What is it?


    Diffuse Thinning of Hair What is it?

    Shedding and hair loss is the most common problem faced by men and women. In some cases, people suffer from diffuse thinning which is also not different. In this case, the hair sheds from throughout the scalp. Here, we will let you know what it is, its causes, and how it can be treated.

    What is diffuse thinning?

    The diffuse thinning is the problem in which patients hair become thin or it starts shedding throughout the scalp. Whereas the hair loss occurs at the hairline and temple which can be either in a pattern or in patches.

    What are the causes of diffuse thinning?

    Well, the most common cause of this issue is telogen effluvium. The problem is triggered when more hair follicles are present in the telogen phase as compared to normal.

    Actually, the hair grows in three stages.

    • Anagen: It is the active phase of hair growth and the follicle is attached to the dermal papilla. The hair grows upwards and outwards. This phase lasts for two to six years.
    • Catagen: It is a transitional phase and the hair bulb detaches from the blood supply and then it moves away from the base.
    • Telogen: It occurs when the hair strand is completely detached from the follicle. At this point, hair sheds and it gets replaced with new hairs. But those who suffer from telogen effluvium might not have new hair growth.

    Illness and Medication

    The most common cause of telogen effluvium is medication which includes hormone therapy and antibiotics. The reason will change according to the medication. Like immunosuppressants will lead to follicle miniaturization which is triggered because of unmediated inflammatory response. The hormone replacement drug will affect the estrogen and testosterone level in the blood serum. Well, the diffuse hair caused by medication and illness is usually temporary.

    Stress and Trauma

    It is true that stress can also affect hair growth and make them thin. Moreover, the studies have shown that more hair goes into telogen phase because of stress.

    If you are facing problem then you should seek help from the best doctor for hair loss treatment. They will let you know which treatment plan will work best for you by diagnosing the issue. One of the best treatment options is hair transplant as it helps to effectively treat the problem.

    How to check the signs for diffuse hair loss?

    • Excessive hair fall

    On average, every person loses 50 to 100 strands of hair but if you are losing more than this, then you might be facing the issue. This will occur for a few weeks or even for months.

    • Receding Hairline

    Although diffuse thinning occur all over the scalp it can affect the hairline also. Getting the help of the doctor at the early stages will help the patient to restore the hair growth.