Genetic Hair Loss: Types, Symptoms and Solution


    Genetic Hair Loss: Types, Symptoms and Solution

    What is Genetic hair loss?

    Genetic hair loss is explained as hereditary hair loss which is caused if your family is suffered from this condition. You can also encounter this condition if your relatives are experiencing this hair loss condition. There are several reasons for genetic hair loss such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, poor nutrition, and environmental factors. There are some hair cycle changes with genetic hair loss include-:

    • your hair shed faster than normal
    • your hair growth cycle is shorter as compared to others
    • the hair follicles become smaller
    • you may experience dull and dry hair
    • itchy and flaky scalp

    Causes of Genetic hair loss in both genders

    Genetic hair loss in males

    This type of hair loss in males basically happens after the age of 30. But sometimes the majority of people face this condition during the period of puberty. This happens due to an increase in testosterone hormones or DHT hormone affects your scalp. In this manner you may experience bald spots, thinning at the top or crown. In addition, the primary cause of this condition is a hereditary factor in males, if your parents and siblings face this type of hair loss, then you will definitely encounter this condition.

    Female genetic hair loss

    This type of hair loss in a female is known as female pattern baldness, which is usually experienced at the age of 30. but women who are of 50 years may encounter hair thinning at the crown.

    Symptoms of genetic hair loss

    Males who are suffering from this condition encounter receding hairline or M shaped hairline. They may also experience bald spots and hair thinning at the top or crown of the head.

    Women, who experience this genetic hair loss condition notice the sign of hair thinning at the top of the head. Or they may experience patchy bald spots which are common in each age group if you are suffering from genetic hair loss.

    Treatment of Genetic Hair Loss

    Hair loss treatment includes certain types of medications such as Minoxidil. This medicine is effective for hair loss or baldness because it gives you better results. You should first converse with your doctor, he may suggest you any other hair fall treatment such as hair transplant. This is a totally safe and secure way to treat genetic hair loss. Since it gives you more natural and permanent results, additionally, this procedure does not have any side effect.