Follow the 5 tips and take it easy during Hair transplant recovery


    Follow the 5 tips and take it easy during Hair transplant recovery

    Take it easy after hair transplant treatment

    The heading says a lot. Whether it’s a non-surgical or surgical procedure, taking it slow and easy on yourself is essential. It’s like following baby steps and getting the expected results. The said approach should be followed when planning to undergo a hair transplant in Ludhiana for smooth & manageable recovery.

    No, doubt, it’s one of the top-rated hair fall treatments that works exceptionally for several patients. Like boost confidence, minimal maintenance, long-lasting solution, and low-risk treatment are the major reasons individuals choose the hair transplant treatment. Although, if you are planning or recently undergone hair transplantation, there are a few considerations for increasing the success rate.

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    Just like you are mindful to know about the Hair transplant cost in Ludhiana, you need to follow all the necessary steps for a smooth recovery and ensure the cost you paid gets managed.

    5 tips to follow after undergoing Hair Transplant Treatment

    Tip 1: Take one step at a time

    Following the procedure, you must get enough rest as it helps the body to heal like normal. You should not involve yourself in any kind of strenuous workout regime, strenuous activity like being, playing sports, or doing heavy weights. Additionally, you mustn’t return to the exercise regime the first week after the surgery.

    Tip 2: Sweat is not right after surgery

    Following a hair transplant, you need to avoid sweating. And that’s why it’s suggested that you do not exercise or get involved in any kind of regime that makes you feel stressed. You should not get in direct contact with sun rays. If possible, do not go out for at least one week after the surgery. In case it’s important then you should tie your hair.

    Tip 3: Keep scalp clean

    To effectively reduce the chances of infection, do not touch the scalp or scratch it while it’s getting healed. It’s better to stay away from polluted areas or excess dirt and dust. If it happens, it will only make it difficult for the scalp to heal like normal.

    Tip 4: Make sure swelling stays under control

    You must keep the swelling under control. Do not sleep on your back or stomach. After the surgery, you must keep your head elevated at a 45-degree angle. If possible, you can use a recliner chair. Although, the doctor will prescribe you medications to reduce swelling. So, take them on time. If there’s too much swelling, consult the doctor about the same.

    Tip 5: Wash carefully and when suggested

    Be extremely careful when you need to wash your hair after the surgery. You need to only wash your hair when suggested by our doctor Dr. Vikas Gupta. Make sure not to be too harsh and use any kind of shampoo & conditioner that contains abrasive material.