7 Effective hair fall solutions to control the extent of the problem


    7 Effective hair fall solutions to control the extent of the problem

    Effective Hair Fall Solutions

    Hair is nothing less than glory to the hair for enhancing the style and personality. In some cases, excessive hair fall seems extremely tough to manage. You need to schedule an initial consultation for effective hair fall treatment to make the situation get under control. The factors like poor diet, water quality, improper maintenance, excessive use of products, and harsh weather conditions can make everything difficult.

    Hair loss symptoms

    Here are some of the evident symptoms of hair fall problem:

    • Hair thinning on the top of the head
    • Hairline begins to recede
    • Broken hair
    • Bald patches are easily spotted

    When you consult the hair loss doctor, he checks the symptoms and severity of the problem and personalizes the treatment plan accordingly. In case of excessive hair fall when nothing seems to make a difference, you should undergo a hair transplant in Ludhiana to get the situation properly under control.

    7 reasons for excessive hair fall

    Before you find out which hair care product works the best, it’s worth noting the most apparent reasons behind the problem. Some of the leading ones are:

    • Use hard water
    • Follow the extremely poor diet
    • Excessive heating product
    • Take excess stress
    • Anemia
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Alopecia

    7 natural remedies for hair fall

    When the problem has just started, you should be prompt in getting the necessary attention. Here are some of the effective natural remedies that can work to manage the problem to a great extent.

    Remedy 1: Make sure water quality is perfect

    You should never neglect the hair quality because hard water can lead to excessive hair damage. Additionally, when hair contains an excess amount of salt, magnesium, and calcium, the problem gets even worse. Always wash the hair properly; otherwise, it can lead to excessive hair breakage and dandruff. You should get the water quality tested.

    Remedy 2: Hair water softener controls hair fall

    After checking hair quality, you need to get a water softener to prevent hair fall. This helps to stop the excessive hair damage and manage everything properly.

    Remedy 3: Use mild shampoo and conditioner

    You need to invest in a quality mild shampoo and conditioner. This allows it to clean the scalp and reduce infection risk and dandruff. So, properly cleaning the scalp reduces hair loss problems.

    Remedy 4: Eat a well-balanced diet

    You need to follow a well-balanced diet plan which includes the right amount of protein, iron, zinc, biotin, and Vitamin E. Includes the right food options known to improve hair quality and texture.

    Remedy 5: Include protein to improve overall hair health

    One of the essential nutrients that the hair needs is protein. Make sure that your diet has enough amount. You should include meat, fish, soy, and other necessary proteins to reduce hair loss and help boost hair growth.

    Remedy 6: Proper and regular oil massage

    It would help if you were regular with hair massages. Take any oil of your choices like almond oil, castor oil, and lavender oil. At least do a massage for 15 minutes to boost blood circulation and reduce hair loss.

    Remedy 7: Apply homemade hair masks

    You should apply homemade hair masks to give your hair additional nourishment and reduce breakage. The hair masks can be made from neem leaves, green tea, beetroot, fruit, onion, eggs, and other products.